Digital twins reviving cultural ecosystem

Aalto University’s Memo Research Institute is running this project in order to strengthen digitisation and sustainability in cultural sector. Technology is used to advance accessibility of cultural heritage and virtual tourism. Digital twins are dynamic models that enable planning, marketing and testing of different spaces and events more efficiently. The project invites technology driven parties to join an ecosystem where knowledge, skills and business models are shared and developed. Living lab -environments will be set up in National Opera, National museum, Svenska YLE, Art Museum of Järvenpää, A Tempo oy and Purkutaide working group. Living labs will implement high level know how in exploiting modeling technologies.


Project manager: Jyrki Simovaara
Phone: +358400349214
Hankeaika (päivämäärinä): 1.5.2021-31.8.2023
Partners Aalto-yliopisto, The Research Institute of Measuring and Modeling for the Built Environment (MeMo)
Funder: Uusimaa Regional Council
Budget: 57597

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