Nutshell – Quality assurance of international project management and cooperation in the field of higher education

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To increase international projects management competencies of administrative staff, academics and Ph.D. students in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs);

  • To identify main problems and challenges in HEIs regarding the processes and mechanisms for preparing and managing UE-funded projects and offer practical solutions;
  • To facilitate the exchange of best practices associated to international project management processes among institutions and redesign of processes;
  • To identify good practices and support tools for smooth and efficient communication with project partners.


Needs Analysis of processes of international project management in HEIs involved;

  • Optimization of the international project agenda processes in universities international offices;
  • Development of a Toolkit to facilitate EU-project management, addressed to potential manager or coordinators of international projects in HEIs;
  • Development of guidelines for effective communication and networking strategy among institutions;
  • Training for the academic and administrative staff on the use of process mapping software and process management methodologies;
  • Training on key aspects of design, planning, implementation of EU-funded projects and on the use of the Toolkit.
Project manager: Timo Sorvoja
Phone: +358 50 4119 578
Duration: 1.6.2021-31.5.2023
Partners: Prague University of Economics and Business (Czech Republic, coordinator)
University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
CESIE (Italy)
Funder: Erasmus + Strategic Partnership KA2
Budjetti (hanke kokonaisuudessaan/Humak): 38894

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