Ocular – Boosting employment in the creative sector in Southwest Finland

The ultimate goal of the project is to increase employment in the creative industries. To achieve this goal, the project will create a network of creative actors as a multidisciplinary professional consortium to promote employment in the sector. The network, which includes both creative content experts and creative intermediaries, brings together expertise and helps create new innovations, job opportunities and visibility.

Website: www.okulaarihanke.fi
Project manager: Niko Vähäsarja
Email: niko.vahasarja@humak.fi
Phone:: +358505729360
Duration: 1.2.2022-31.8.2023
Partners: Turun AMK
Funder: ESR
Budget: 109856

Okulaari-logo, Humak, Turku AMK ja ESR ja Vipuvoimaa EU:lta.