OmaKehu – protecting men from social exclusion with art

Omakehu (Self-Praise in English) improves employment possibilities and life overall for men in danger of social exclusion. This is done through means of literary art. The project organizes different activities for the participants like:

1) holding workshops for aphorism and motto creating
2) compiling “guy stories” as an audio book, online publications and podcasts
3) creating lyrics for songs with the help of a professional musician and
4) practicing performance skills by a campfire at Nuuksio.

Each of the participants will be assigned a personal “skill coach”. The outcomes of the literary art workshops will be compiled into an electronic portfolio that the participants can use in obtaining employment or a study place. This project started in October of 2020 and it will finish in March of 2023. Humak is in charge of the project while Into Kustannus serves as an associate.

Videos of the project:
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Project manager: Arto Lindholm
Phone: +358400349386
Duration: 1.10.2020—31.3.2023
Partners: Into Kustannus Oy.
Funded by: ESR, Humak, Into Kustannus.
Budget (in total/Humak): 274 153 € / 246 923 €
Focus area:  


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