Språkstyrka – Language Power

Språkstyrka is a project, organized by the Finnish Association of the Deaf, which coordinates and implements further action on reviving the Finland-Swedish Sign Language. Humak is involved in the project by being in charge of updating the professional guidance training that was developed in the Livs 1 project.


Social Media: Finnish Association of the Deaf’s article:  https://kuurojenliitto.fi/sv/aktuellt/finansiering-for-fortsatt-sprakrevitalisering/
Project manager: Liisa Halkosaari
Email: liisa.halkosaari@humak.fi
Duration: 1.1.2021–31.12.2021
Partners: Finnish Association of the Deaf, Finlandssvenska teckenspråkiga r.f., Pedersöre Municipality
Funded by: Ministry of Education and Culture
Budget (In total/Humak): 131000/5000

Språkstyrka -hankkeen esite.