5 things to know about Adventure and Outdoor Education

A wilderness cabin in Lapland

During three and a half years of studying, adventure and outdoor education students learn how to master the variety of skills needed in the field of community and adventure education. The next application period is rapidly approaching.

Here are some practical things that are useful to know if you dream of becoming an outdoor expert.

1. How to apply

You can apply for adventure and outdoor education at studyinfo.fi. The application period begins on January 8 2020 at 8.00 (EET) and closes on January 22 at 15.00 (EET).

There is an entrance examination that takes place at Nurmijärvi Campus on March 10 2020. It consists of two parts: a written section and an aptitude interview in English.

You can still apply even if you are unable to attend the entrance exam at Nurmijärvi. In this case, you will need to have completed the SAT (standardized aptitude test) with adequate scores. Humak UAS requires a minimum score of 350 from Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and 250 from Mathematics. Only the newer SATs completed after March 2016 will be accepted.

Chris Thompson coaching open canoeing.

2. Career opportunities

Graduating adventure and outdoor education students will receive a Bachelor of Humanities (BH, yhteisöpedagogi (AMK) in Finnish) degree. Since the first group of students began their studies as recently as in 2018, broader employment trends are yet to be identified.

Adventure and outdoor education is applicable to many sectors of society. For instance, adventure education graduates can work in the areas of preventive work, youth and NGO work, education and training, and nature- and adventure-based entrepreneurship.

The graduating students may also choose to work as instructors in kayaking, trekking, rock climbing or skiing.

3. Tuition fees and scholarships

Students from the EU/EEA area and Swiss citizens are not subject to a tuition fee. However, they will be charged a €1000 transportation and equipment fee per academic year.

The fee covers essential costs like transportation to and from the campus to external teaching locations, facility rents, and outdoor equipment such as tents, kayaks, first aid kits, and climbing equipment.

Students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland area are required to pay a €9000 tuition fee for each academic semester or year attended. The €1000 transportation and equipment fee is included in the tuition fee. If you are unsure about your status, please see who is required to pay the tuition fee.

There are no traditional scholarships available. However, Humak UAS has a system that rewards students for their productivity and offers discounts based on the duration of their studies. The scholarship scheme is attached below:

Scholarship scheme for adventure education

4. Housing

Adventure and outdoor education students are enrolled at the Humak UAS campus in Nurmijärvi. The campus, which sits beside a lake and is surrounded by forest areas, is located only 45 kilometers north of Helsinki.

You can reside at the campus during your studies. It is possible to book double rooms with a shared kitchen for a monthly fee of €160 a month per person. For other housing options, please see HOAS.

Non-EU/EEA students will need a student residence permit. You must also visit a Finnish embassy or consulate during this process. You can find more detailed information on the residence permit process on the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) website.

5. Meals and free time activities

Teaching days at the Nurmijärvi campus usually begin at 9.15 AM and last until 4 PM. The schedule for internships and practical training outside of the campus varies.

There is a cafeteria on campus that serves lunch from Monday to Friday. It is also possible to have breakfast or dinner there, although student discounts are only available during lunch. The nearest grocery store is located in Rajamäki, a small village approximately 5 kilometers from the campus.

There are various athletic activities you can engage in at Nurmijärvi campus during your time off. The gym and swimming pool are open daily, and there is a sports hall that is available for students once a week.

The nearby lake Sääksjärvi and the excellent running/skiing trails surrounding it allow you to rewind and enjoy nature at your own pace. There are also several bicycles you can borrow.

Thumbnail photo: Marianne Vesala and Emmi Sarvijärvi.

The 2020 application period for the adventure and outdoor education Bachelor’s degree programme has ended. The next application period begins in January 2021 (the date will be announced later).