Application Period is Open 5.1.-19.1. – Apply to our Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Adventure and Outdoor Education

Yksitoista iloista piirrettyä hahmoa on sulloutunut sateelta suojaan saman sateenvarjon alle.

The first joint application of spring 2022 has started! The application period is active 5.1.-19.1.2022 (15.00). In this round of applications you can apply to our English-language Community Educator Degree Programme in Adventure and Outdoor Education.

The January joint application begins 5.1 at 8.00 and ends 19.1.2022 at 15.00. The applicant must save their application form before the end of the application period.

Make Yourself a Professional of the Outdoors

Bachelor of Humanities, Community Educator, Outdoor and Adventure Education -degree’s (210 ECTS) multidisciplinary theoretical framework is put into practice from the beginning through practical activities and authentic learning environments. The focus of this community educator degree is in adventure and outdoor education.

As well as standard classroom teaching, the studies include hiking and trekking, kayaking, ropework and climbing and other activities developing the competence of adventure educators outside both in the winter and summer seasons. The unique Nordic wilderness serves as an incredible learning environment for our students in addition to our Nurmijärvi campus, where the studies are located.

Kaksi ulkovaatteisiin puettua naista auttaa maassa makaavaa miestä ensiapuharjoituksessa metsäisessä ulkoilmassa, vieressä makaa kaatunut pyörä. Taustalla on lisää ensiapua harjoittelevia henkilöitä, puita ja rakennuksesta alaosaa.
Our community educator students also learn first-aid skills. These training exercises were done in autumn 2021 on our Nurmijärvi campus. Photo: Petra Karjalainen.

You Will Learn Pedagogic, Social, Technical, and Communication Skills As Well As Develop Your Multicultural Competence

The students will learn how to plan, organize, assess and carry out adventure education activities for various target groups in varied environments taking all conditions into account.

During the studies, students acquire pedagogical, social, technical, environmental and safety skills and they also will be prepared for entrepreneurship. The studies also include learning about the Nordic welfare model, preventive work, equality and diversity, and entrepreneurship.

During the first year of your studies, you can expect that approximately 1/3 of the time will be spent on classes/activities/practicing skills, 1/3 of the time will be spent on projects/independent studies/group assignments, and the last 1/3 will be spent in internships (working-life based practical training).

To succeed in your studies, you must have the required capabilities both physically and mentally for this active and challenging degree programme. The students must be prepared to work in varied social situations, in multicultural groups and to take part in on-site phases of the study modules. The students must act in a responsible and safe way.

Let the Students Tell You About Their Studies – The Student Blog

Our current students and alumni have shared their experiences and stories on Humak Adventure and Outdoor Education Blog. Check the blog out and see what our students get up to in their three and a half years of studying.

The application period for our Finnish-language degree programmes will be organised later in the spring.

Text: Marika Stam.

Translated by Petra Karjalainen.

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