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“I can do a Business Plan now for any business I will plan to do in the future.”

Have you ever dreamt of having your own business? Do you have a business idea but aren’t sure how to get started? Or simply, are you interested in knowing more about being an entrepreneur?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should join Tempo’s Web Course for New Entrepreneur!


Puinen pöytä, jonka päällä on aukinainen läppäri ja vihko, jonka päällä on yksi mustekynä.


What is TEMPO?

Tempo is a joint project by Humak University of Applied Sciences and the Federation of Finnish Entreprises in Southwest Finland and it is funded by the European Social Funds. The goal is to encourage and inspire people to get familiar with the basic concepts and practises of entrepreneurship and most importantly to provide a safe environment, where one can develop their entrepreneurial attitude.

Tempo aims to make the information and skills of being an entrepreneur more accessible to migrants of Southwest Finland and thus endorse overall employment in the area.

The Entrepreneur Course Will Take Place Online

”Very structured and nicely presented! I feel like by doing the tasks, I had the chance to think about all the aspects of my business and business plan.”

The Web Course consists of exercises done in an online environment, so you can come along, no matter where you are situated. The course is free of charge yet offers multiple different kinds of tasks from reading material to videos to help you in your entrepreneurship journey. The course is also a great opportunity to network with like-minded people.

The course will open on the 2.10. and it has two meetings on Zoom: on 6.10. at 15.30-17.30 and 18.10. at 15.30-17.30. Outside the webinars, you can complete the course exercises on your own time, at your own pace. Even after the course finishes, it will stay in the Humak Open UAS for you to finish, for example with the help of an adviser.

The course consists of 12 sections, each relating to a different part of entrepreneurship. The course themes include for example business ideas, customers, profitability and pricing, and sales and marketing. You will learn the related skills according to each theme.


Mies mustassa paidassa katsoo kassakoneen näyttöä samalla, kun hänen kätensä on kuvan alalaidassa näkyvän hiiren päällä.

Previously Held Pilot Course Yielded Information to Further Develop the Entrepreneur Course

Before launching this business course, Tempo held a pilot course on entrepreneurship in the spring of 2021. This course served as a test drive to test the current material and purpose of the course. What was found was that there was a need for this kind of course, especially in English.

In addition to people, who wish to develop their entrepreneurial skills, the course is also extremely beneficial for professionals working with immigrants, who one day wish to own a business. Thus, you don’t need to have a business idea, or the drive to start a business just yet. Just wanting to learn more is enough.


”I learn many useful new things, wat [sic] I can use in my future business.”


Tempo has been an active project since 2019 and now it’s coming to an end, after a successful run, in February of 2022. So, use this opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills and join us in October!


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Text: Petra Karjalainen

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