Community Educators as Adventure Education Experts – Online Course

Humak’s Adventure Education program is now available through open university courses! Students from all over the world can apply to join the online course, regardless of backround or previous studies. Places are filled in first-come-first-serve basis. If you are studying in another university, please consult your own study supervisor on whether you can include the studies in your own degree programme.

Community Educators as Adventure Education Experts (5 ECTS)

The Community Educator course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the basic ideas, concepts, frame of reference and principles of Adventure Education and become familiar with the professional field of adventure education and the different career paths within it.

During the course you’ll learn about Adventure Education as a pedagogical approach. You’ll learn to support the growth and development of individuals and groups, promote personal engagement, reinforce the sense of community, and to promote well-being. The course is especially well-suited for students in the fields of Education, Social Sciences, and Humanities.

The course involves individual assignments and familiarizing yourself with the reading materials and videos, in addition to many interactive elements. On top of the rich theoretic base you get to meet, learn from and share your adventures with the other participants of the course – people interested in adventure education from all over the world.

Since this course is designed to be completed at your own pace, a student taking the course can expect to spend most of the time working on the reading materials, quizzes and short individual reflective assignments – but all sections of the course also include interactive elements where you collaborate with the other students taking the course.

The course is part of the degree program curriculum in Adventure and Outdoor Education, Community Educator (Bachelor of Humanities). However, this particular course is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the theory and practice of adventure education.

Humak is one of the leading experts in Adventure Education in Europe. We have over 20 years of experience in the field and our teachers are top-of-the-class when it comes to pedagogical and adventure experience. Together with Open UAS courses, Humak offers a Bachelor Degree Programme in Adventure Education. The next application period ends at 18.12.2020, 23:59:00 (EET). You can register for the course here.

The Comments from the First Round Studies

The Community Educators as Adventure Education Experts course was arranged for the first time during the summer of 2020.

This is what the students wrote in their feedback:

“This course was very entertaining and I truly enjoyed the self-paced method. The sources (videos, articles) were truly interesting and I enjoyed reading them and taking my time to study all resources given.”

“The course was very well structured, there was just enough theory and lots of references! Overall, great course to provide the theoretical base for my studies!”

“The best thing about this course was the variety in content and information. It was a pleasant experience watching the videos and all the interactive websites.”

“You really got the feeling that there is lots of know about adventure education. The structure was very clear on what had to be done and when. Also the learning platform was functional and easy to use.”

Kuvassa talvinen ja aurinkoinen maisema, kuvan etualalla puita lumen peitossa ja taustalla vuoristoa.
Kuva: Patrick Forsblom.

How to sign up

The course is available at our web store. Register latest on the 18th of December.

The study period is 07.01.2021 – 31.5.2021. Community Educators as Adventure Education Experts is a self-paced online course. Assignments and exam should be completed by 31st of May 2021. The places are filled first-come-first-serve basis and there are limited amount of places available. Act now before the places are reserved out.

The total cost of the course is €75.

Hu­mak grants a 50 % dis­count for pen­sio­ners, unemp­lo­yed persons, and gra­dua­ted Hu­mak alum­ni. To re­cei­ve the dis­count, co­pies of pen­sio­ner cards and certifi­ca­tes of unemp­loy­ment/ac­ti­ve job search (con­tai­ning the co­des 02 and 05) must be sent by email to avoi­namk@hu­ The do­cu­ments must be de­li­ve­red to Hu­mak wit­hin 7 days of the pay­ment.

Header photo taken from a blog post by Agya Dhaugoda and Kathy McKerrow.

News and further information

For any questions about the course, please contact lecturer Tero Lämsä ( / +358 400 349 363).

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