Cultural management students organize a 360° art performance


On friday 24 April at 7 PM, a group of Humak’s cultural management students will hold an event that combines UV art, pole dancing, and music. The event will be filmed with a 360° camera and livestreamed for free on YouTube.

The dance studio Ready Set Pole in Jyväskylä has provided the students a space that will be filled with the multifaceted and psychedelic UV art of Riikka Arte. The atmosphere will be enhanced by Duo Soul Searching, a musical duo consisting of Markus Jokinen and Hanna Uimonen. The entire performance centers around a pole dancing show by the Lumona-duo (Riikka Arte and Saara Ervasti).

 Art belongs to where people are. Throughout the years, I have held exhibits at hairdressing salons, cafes, building lobbies, hostels, restaurants, malls, and so on. During these exceptional times, it is important to bring culture directly to people’s homes. Livestreaming is a new form of performance for our group and I’m sure the experience will be interesting, Riikka Arte says.

Technical support for the performance will be provided by Digi & Game Center, who are currently running a Corona Aid -fundraising campaign to ensure the survival of the company.

How the idea for the event was born

The Multidimensions performance is the final project for Digital Environments (Digitaaliset toimintaympäristöt in Finnish), i.e. a Humak course that is included in the cultural management study program. The event is produced as a collaborative effort of three students: Suvi Lamminen (Tampere) has been responsible for marketing, Roosa Marttinen (Vantaa) has taken care of communications and reporting, and Jere Saajoranta has planned and organized the practical side of things in Jyväskylä.

– Our original assignment was to plan and implements an event with a working-life partner. Because to the outbreak of the coronavirus, we could not operate as intended and had to come up with something else. It came apparent that we could borrow a 360° camera for our event and we decided to give it a go, Jere Saajoranta says.

– I believe that the 360° will accentuate the spatial impressions and illusions of our show. This project has been very inspiring and will hopefully provide new ideas on how to organize an art performance, Riikka Arte says.

New tools for the future

The pandemic forces cultural producers to come up with alternative solutions for event planning. However, the situation has had a comparatively limited effect on the Digital Environments course.

The entire course was organized digitally, with webinars and remote communication systems. We became very familiar with the various types of digital tools that can be used to organize an event like ours. The planning has gone surprisingly smoothly despite the current situation, Jere Saajoranta says.

Jere is pleased with the Digital Environments course and is looking forward to the performance on Friday.

– During the course, we really learned about all the digital skills that cultural producers will likely need in the future. For instance, we discussed the opportunities of XR technology and had the privilege of listening to professionals in our field who attended the course as visiting lecturers. It was a really useful and comprehensive course.

Multidimensions will be live streamed for free on YouTube on friday 24 April at 7 PM. The link for the event will be published on the event’s Facebook page.