Register to Culture, Organisation and Sustainability Management Master’s Class

Culture, Organisation and Sustainability Management (COSM) courses are starting again. The feedback from the courses from the first round participants has been fantastic and we are happy to announce that COSM 1, 2 and 3 courses are again open for the registration. The courses are master’s degree level courses by Humak University of Applied Sciences.

COSM explores ways to undo the unsustainable in cultural management. Sustainability is a major issue everywhere in the society and also culture needs to rethink their processes in a sustainable and bearable way. Many creative processes and projects are unsustainable in its core, and the aim of the study modules is to find sustainable alternatives to these processes.

The course is targeted for the various experts in the cultural sector and event management. The international lecturers present a wide variety of expertise in their field.  They are also suitable for the cultural and event management students. Please, ask if you can include the Humak Unversity of Applied Scienes course to your curriculum.

Cosm 1: Testimonial 2 presenting experts in the course. Testimonial praises the course.

Act soon, the deadline for the first registration is ending

The application period for the first course: COSM 1: Cultural Organisation & Sustainability Management (5 ECTS) ends already on the August 28th. Act soon, the places are filled in order of the registration. The cost of each individual course is 75 euro.

Register now to Cultural organisation and sustainability management link.

More information on the packages, see the online registration portal.

Sustainability for a better future

One side of COSM is to acknowledge, adapt and strengthen the role of cultural managers in supporting the general sustainability movement, impacting people’s and industries’ pro-ecological behaviours. Focusing on all types of attempts to make our life more sustainable, ethical, responsible or balanced – in an environmental, and a socioeconomic sense.

“It’s similar to sir David Attenborough’s call for completing our journey of development, managing our impact, and once again becoming a species in balance with nature, restoring the rich, healthy, and wonderful world that we inherited”, says Marcin Poprawski, lecturer in charge of COSM.

Dr. Marcin Poprawski is a researcher & lecturer of Cultural Management at Humak University of Applied Sciences, and at the AMU University of Poznan in Poland. Dr. Poprawski’s fields of research are centered on cultural policies, arts and heritage management, sustainability, creative processes, aesthetics and organization studies.

Read more in COSM-site.

Redefining cultural organisation

COSM is intended to be a laboratory of sustainability focused cultural management teaching methods and social (community) impact tools, applied to cultural management and cultural organisation practices. COSM will be a safe space for questioning the answers regarding cultural organisations and cultural professionals’ role in balancing their ecosystems.

Cosm 1 provides a clear, in-depth and demanding introduction to sustainability.

It’s all about providing tools and conditions for a sustainable, healthy, ethically concerned cultural management ecosystem. We require a new perspective on the impact of cultural policies’ trends and the conditions of cultural management practice. Sustainability oriented values in cultural management might provide an answer.

“I hope that I would have a chance to learn a lot from my colleagues in Finland and support them with my experience and passion. I wish to provide ideas and teaching tools that will be created and used in accordance with the Humak University of Applied Sciences spirit and its essential role as one of the leading Finnish spots specializing in the development of expertise in several fields that are now urgently needed in our societies”, Poprawski emphasises.