Wilderness First Responder Course

Ensiaputaitojen opiskelua luokassa ja metsässä.

Crossing Latitudes offers in cooperation with Humak A NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Wilderness Medicine First Responder (WFR) course. The course is organized for the first time in Finland and is open to the public.

Through the Degree programme in Adventure and Outdoor Education, Humak has established close cooperation with Crossing Latitudes, an affiliate of NOLS and NOLS Wilderness Medicine. NOLS Wilderness Medicine offers first aid courses at different levels, trains lecturers and students of the Wilderness Medicine First Responder degree programme at Humak, in first aid skills for outdoor settings.

Save the date and register for the course now. The course is open for the general public and there are a limited amount of places available.

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

The course is designed for outdoor guides and other people working with groups in outdoor settings. The objectives are to provide participants with knowledge and skills for recognition, treatment and prevention of wilderness emergencies. The Wilderness First Responder course includes tools to make critical medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations.

Half of the 80 hour course will be spent on training in practical skills through case studies and scenarios challenging the decision-making skills of the participants.

Course dates in January 2021

  • Course Dates: January 4-14, 2021
  • Location: Nurmijärvi Campus, Kotorannantie 49, 05250 Kiljava, Finland
  • Course fee: The course fee is Euro €1025.00 (USD $1165.00) per person. The tuition covers the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Medical Handbook, the NOLS Wilderness Medicine textbook, a bandana with the patient-assessment, equipment used during the course, CPR certification and NOLS Wilderness Medicine international WFR certification. The textbook will be sent to you once you have paid the course fee.
  • Questions & Registration: info@crossinglatitudes.com or Phone in USA: +1-406-585-5356

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7 people carry a person across shallow water. 1 person is lying on his back in the water while another holds the man's head above the water level.
The Wilderness Medical First Responder course teaches wilderness survival techniques to participants.

Adventure and Outdoor Education in Humak

The next application period for the Bachelor’s Degree in Adventure and Outdoor Education (Community Educator, Bachelor of Humanities, 210 ECTS) will be in January 2021. The degree programme is in English.

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