Five Reasons to Study COSM

COSM (Culture, Organisation and Sustainability Management) consists of three 5 ECTS courses, all available through our web store! The final registration day for COSM 1 is on the 19th of January. You can register through our web store.  Respectively COSM 2’s final registration date is on the 23rd of February and on the 11th of March for COSM 3. Read more and sign up by clicking the banner below!

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Five Reasons to Study COSM

1) The studies will give you an international and cross-sectorial perspective on sustainability values oriented cultural management, and helps you rediscover its meaning through collaborative efforts.

2) Be part of a team exploring sustainability oriented solutions with experts, cultural managers and cultural producers. Explore sustainability in organizational and entrepreneurial contexts and develop sustainability management. Understand the core of humanities and arts as academic, applied disciplines of science and practice.

3) A safe space for questioning answers regarding cultural organisations and the role of cultural professionals in balancing their ecosystems and redefining their way of narrating what they (un)do. Explore the tools and methods of cultural management and see what impact they have on their local communities.

4) Be a part of regular webinars and discussions with international & regional experts and practitioners focused on culture & sustainability. Look for ways to strengthen sustainability values oriented practices of leaders and employees of culture, art & heritage organisations, as well as culture & arts entrepreneurs and NGO members. 

5) Take part in course activities and assignments that help facilitate several dimensions of your potential: interaction, cooperation, reflection, written argumentation and dialogue, all aiming aiming to improve the role of cultural managers in supporting all types of attempts to make our cultural ecosystems and our life more sustainable, ethical, responsible and balanced – in environmental, social and economic senses. 

Read more about COSM from this news article and from COSM’s own website.