For the first time in Finland: Wilderness First Responder Course (WFR) 15.-25.11.2021 in Nurmijärvi

Piirretty maisema, jossa vuori, kuusia ja pilviä.

Do you work outdoors or enjoy hiking and camping on areas, where receiving professional medical help can take a long time? National Outdoor Leadership Schoolin Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course is held in November in Nurmijärvi. 

WFR-training is organized together by the Crossing Latitudes-organization and Humak university of applied sciences. Sign up for the course held in 15.-25.11.2021 at Nurmijärvi, Kiljava.

Ensiaputaitojen opiskelua luokassa ja metsässä.

First Aid Training for Professionals in the Wilderness

Humak Adventure Education and Crossing Latitudes are bringing the NOLS Wilderness First Responder (WFR) wilderness medicine training to the Nurmijärvi campus of Humak on 15.-25.11.2021. The course will be held in Finland for the very first time. Training is designed to provide the necessary first aid skills for professionals and individuals who work in remote locations where medical help isn’t readily available.

Further details on the contents of the course and contact information (the link will open on an external page)

Course information on NOLS’s page (the link will open on an external page)

Leaflet WFR Kiljava 2021 (pdf)

Wilderness Medicine First Responder (WFR)

The course is designed for professionals of adventure education, wilderness guides, and others who enjoy hiking in groups. Wilderness First Responder -training provides the tools for recognizing and preventing the possible risks of outdoor activities as well as the skills to treat injuries and illnesses and to carry out evacuation procedures.

Training will include preparing for different accident scenarios with tasks and practical learning in situations simulating the actual scenario, and teaching the participant how to make critical decisions in challenging environments. Half the 80 hour-long course consists of practical learning with challenging real life examples.

The Course Will be Held in November 2021

  • When: 15.11.-25.11.2021
  • Language: English
  • Location:  Nurmijärvi campus, Kotorannantie 49, 05250 Kiljava
  • Price: The study fee is €1025.00 (USD $1165.00) per person. The fee will provide you with the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Medical Handbook, the NOLS Wilderness Medicine text book, a Patient Assessment bandana and all the required equipment for completing the course. A participant of the course will receive a CPR certification and the NOLS Wilderness Medicine International WFR certification. The text book will be sent to your address after you have paid the course fee.
  • Questions & registration in English: or Phone in USA: +1-406-585-5356
Kaksi naista lastoittavat maassa istuvan miehen murtunutta jalkaa.
Accidents common in the outdoors are simulated during the first aid training.

Further details on the Wilderness First Responder -course:

Housing and meals are not included in the study fee. There is an opportunity to stay at Humak’s Nurmijärvi campus (at Kiljava) in a hotel that’s located in the same building (71€/night, breakfast included). There is also a camping- and caravan site nearby. Meals can also be bought from campus.

Safety during the Covid-19 epidemic is important. Before registration, it is important to familiarize yourself with the video on the registration page that shows the guidelines for safe interaction during the epidemic.

Adventure and Outdoor Education in Humak

The next appication period for Humak’s the Bachelor’s Degree in Adventure and Outdoor Education (Community Educator, Bachelor of Humanities, 210 ECTS) programme is in Janurary 2022. The programme is in English.

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Article originally published 13.10.2020. Updated course information added 26.8.2021.