Graduates were celebrated with the air full of memories and experiences

A busy and diverse year is coming to an end. Before Christmas, Humak held the now-traditional online graduation ceremony. The ceremony, hosted also in English, can be watched on YouTube. The names of the graduates are listed on the video.

Humak graduates were celebrated both at home and by audiences on campuses. Study years have been professionally rewarding, communally educational and memorable on a global level. Students have gathered knowledge and new skills during the last years, which have been marked by the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.


Reaching for dreams through screens and emotional rollercoasters

Courses have been taught online and occasionally on campus. Many of the graduates have interacted with their fellow students and lecturers mostly through screens. Working online will continue to play a significant role in studies and work methods at Humak.

President and CEO Jukka Määttä described the past years as eventful. Humak turns 25 years in 2023. Although many things have changed over the years, Humak’s core values and the significance of higher education have remained.

“Humak has found its place in the Finnish higher education field and looks proudly towards the future,” said Määttä.

According to Määttä, the education programmes offered by Humak have been popular and the UAS has grown rapidly during the last years.

Määttä addressed the graduates: “Humak wishes to offer you opportunities for postgraduate studies, further education and alumni activities.”

President Määttä said that Humak graduates possess competencies required in the current times.

“We all have had our spirits and our sense of community and safety tested during these past years. When society faces hardships, the strengths of communities, culture and helping those in need are required. We need the competencies that you (graduates) possess,” Määttä stated.


Theses have been written to be used in professional fields

President Määttä also revealed the best theses of Humak students in 2022. Theses from all education programmes were nominated.

The assessment criteria were the significance of the thesis in its professional field, the production of knowledge and skills, readability of the thesis and argumentation of the conclusions.

The winner of the Bachelor’s Degree class was Tessa Ylinen: Consideration of social sustainability perspective in music event production and the winner of the Master’s Degree class was Auli Hirvensalo-Mattila: Increasing support from loved ones for youth coaching – owning your own life. The theses are in Finnish, but the English abstracts can be read by clicking on the links and opening the files.


Graduates become alumni equipped with diverse experiences and ideas

The Finnish graduate’s speech, which looked back at study years, was given by Petri Asuinmaa, who graduated from the Community Educator (Bachelor’s Degree), Work Community Developer programme. Kristiina Desroches, graduate of the English Community Educator (Bachelor’s Degree), Adventure Education programme, reminisced about her study years in Finland and her experiences in diverse study environments.

Congrats to graduates, we wish you success in the future and welcome you as Humak alumni. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

The YouTube video of the graduation ceremony can be watched here:



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