Humak Produces Experts of Adventure Education – Joint Application to the Degree Programme in January

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Humak is the only place in Finland which offers a higher education degree programme in adventure and outdoor education. In addition, Humak offers multiple opportunities to expand your knowledge of adventure education and experiential learning through our studies offered both in Finnish and English through our Open UAS.

You can apply to the community educator degree, Adventure and Outdoor Education (Bachelor of Humanities) 210 ECTS, in the first joint application of spring  5.1.2022-19.1.2022.

Henkilöt ovat melomassa tyynellä merellä, taustalla puita ja saaria.

January Joint Application for This Community Educator Degree With an Adventure Education Twist

You can apply for English-language degree programmes in Finland in the first joint application period on 5.1.-19.1.2022. (UTC+2 15:00) At Humak, this means that the application time for Community Educator, Adventure and Outdoor Education (Bachelor of Humanities) will soon be open. All applications are done on Studyinfo.

Adventure education strengthens the growth and well-being of individuals, groups, and communities as well as developing the experience economy. A graduate of this degree programme is prepared to work in the same environments as our other community educator degree (Youth and NGO work) graduates as well. This degree programme is organised completely in English.

For the first time the degree programme will use the international UAS exam as its entrance exam. This entrance exam includes a written part and a group interview. Read more about the International UAS exam on UASinfo. 

Learn more about the degree programme and apply (Studyinfo).


Henkilöitä urheilukentällä.

Our Selection of Adventure Education Courses at the Open UAS

We are launching a brand-new master’s level study module (15 ECTS) Experiential and Adventure Education.

You can now enroll to the first course of the module Experiential Learning and Society (5 ECTS) which is starting in January. The course aims to increase the understanding of the theoretical framework of experiential learning and experiential and adventure education as well as their practical starting points and principles.

The other two 5 ECTS courses belonging to the module will be available later in 2022.

Learn more about our brand-new master’s level studies in adventure and outdoor education from our website.

Our Open UAS also includes other adventure education courses such as bachelor’s level courses Coaching-based approach (5ECTS) and Community Educators as Adventure Education Experts (5 ECTS). Learn more about them and sign up for our courses in adventure education on our online store.

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You Can Find Our Book About Adventure Education From Our Website

Our book Outdoor Adventure Education in Finland – pedagogical and didactic perspectives  (the link opens on an external page) focuses on the theoretical and practical views, principles, presumptions, and choices of adventure educational activities, paying especial attention to the adventure education pedagogy and didactics in general and in Finnish working environments. The articles in the book are both in Finnish and in English.

The book costs 44€ including postage.

Buy the book here.

Text: Marika Stam, Anita Saaranen-Kauppinen & Petra Karjalainen