Humak COVID-19 Updates

Covid-19 Update 12.1.

Humak’s Corona Task Force actively follows the Covid-19 situation in Finland. The next task force meeting will be held on 19.01.2022. The form of this bulletin has been updated 12.1. to make sure all the information is easily accessible.

We want to remind you that the Covid-19 corona task force update in English is made to this website by noon on meeting days and the brief bulletin of changes is published on your own Teams-channel (Humak (D) Teams > International). If you have any questions about the situation, you can get information and guidance from


How to use: Click the heading of the section you want more information about. The information recently updated in a Corona Task Force meeting will be marked with the word “NEW”. You can return to the table of contents by clicking the “return” function on your browser.

Teaching in the Spring Semester

Humak continues in remote work and teaching until 27.2.2022.

All the necessary contact teaching is organised paying extra attention to health safety. The use of face masks is crucial. Clear masks have been acquired for interpreters. All the necessary contact teaching right now is organised for our interpreting field. However, pay close attention to your own field’s communication channels to find out how teaching is organised.

Humak encourages you all for responsible actions on your free time. Everyone can limit the spread of the virus with their own actions. Avoid close contacts and get vaccinated if you have not done so already.

Information About Mask-Use

Masks should be used at all times when there is more than one person present in a room. Masks are available in classrooms.

The mask use recommendation is assessed weekly.

THL instruction video on how to properly wear a face mask.

Instructions For Being on Campus

Do keep in mind that students can’t attend contact teaching if they have symptoms, are sick, in quarantine or waiting for a test result. You cannot come on campus sick or with symptoms even in the case of having received a negative test result or being fully vaccinated.

Face masks are worn on campus. Masks are available in all spaces used for teaching.

We should all pay extra attention to hygiene in regards to coughing and hand hygiene. Wash your hands, do not shake hands and cough safely away from others. Avoid unnecessary contacts with people. Use the Koronavilkku application and act according to the instructions it gives you.

Get vaccinated when you can. Vaccinations are readily available at the moment and cities offer walk-in vaccination events, where you don’t need to book a time, or be a local resident to get the vaccine. Humak recommends everyone to get the vaccine.

Humak encourages you all for responsible actions in your free time. Everyone can reduce the risk of infection. Get vaccinated when you can. Vaccinations are readily available at the moment and cities offer walk-in vaccination events, where you don’t need to book a time, or be a local resident to get the vaccine. Humak recommends everyone to get the vaccine.

You can find coronavirus transmission and protection instructions from THL’s website. 

Services on Campuses

Humak campuses are open for independent studying, some contact teaching and for basic services. If you visit one of our campuses, you need to follow our Covid-19 guidelines (see section Instructions for Being on Campus)

The study office services are provided online or by phone.

The restaurant opening hours can be found from e.g. the Student’s Guide.

The library services have had some regional chances:

  • The library on our Helsinki campus is closed
  • The library on our Turku campus is open three times a week
  • The libraries on our Jyväskylä, Kauniainen, and Kuopio campuses are open normally
  • If you visit the library, face masks should be used according to the regional recommendations
  • Our libraries can, if necessary, set customer limits in line with the regional recommendations. Please avoid unnecessary visits to the library.

The up-to-date opening hours of all our libraries can be found from Humak Finna (link).

Our IT services provide their support via email from

International Visits and Student Exchanges

According to the current situation, exchanges should be arranged as planned. Our partners recommend travelling to the exchange target even if your host would be organizing teaching in distance. The receiving educational facilities assess the situation based on their regional situations and the students going on exchange should act according to these instructions. The teaching for the exchange students going to Norway will begin in January and according to the current situation, the first two weeks will be in distance teaching. The studies for the exchange students leaving for Norway or Belgium will begin in February.

The teaching for the exchange students at Nurmijärvi will begin on 15.2.2022 in line with our decision on distance teaching.

In regard to exchanges, the situation is followed closely. If you are going on exchange and have some questions, be in contact with Humak’s international coordinator either by calling or by text message.

Government Decisions on Internal Border Control

Internal border control is returned to all travelling between Finland and all of the Schengen countries. People arriving in Finland must show proof of two vaccines or a Covid-19 infection that happened no less than six (6) months ago as well as having a negative Covid-19 test result that is less than 48 h old.

The negative test result mandate does not apply to Finnish citizens, foreigners living permanently in Finland, nor people arriving in the country for essential reasons such as family matters or other urgent personal reasons.

However, all travelers must show documentation based on the Infectious Diseases Act as well as act according to the regional official -made decisions on obligatory health checks.

Read the up-to-date information in English here (link).

General Guidelines for Contact Teaching

Two-meter (2m) safety distances in teaching will no longer be enforced but classrooms must enable the opportunity to keep a safe distance from others.

The names of the students attending will still be compiled into a list in case of possible exposure. These lists will be kept for two weeks after which they will be disposed of.

Do keep in mind that students can’t attend contact teaching if they have symptoms, are sick, in quarantine or waiting for a test result. You cannot come on campus sick or with symptoms even in the case of having received a negative test result or being fully vaccinated.

Face masks are worn on campus. Masks are available in all spaces used for teaching.

Student Union HUMAKO’s Announcement

HUMAKO encourages its members to behave in a responsible way. This year, HUMAKO will pay closer attention to student well-being.

Student union HUMAKO provides support and advice for all Humak students. HUMAKO encourages all students to join the Student Union Discord platform. You can come to Discord to discuss issues related to school and student everyday life, or just to come have a casual chat.

In addition, the tutors of  HUMAKO advise students on issues related to studying and student life through

The student union HUMAKO regularly informs students about its activities through its website, Instagram and membership letter.

Student Well-Being and Health

Our Student’s Guide contains all our services in regards to student well-being and health. Humak e.g. provides study psychologist services. More information can be found from our Student’s Guide (link).

We offer student councelling, coaching and well-being services as follows:

  • Humak Cares -campaign to promote student well-being was launched last September
  • Additional resources have been given for student councelling
  • Our student councellors have released a list of tips to support remote studying (You can download it for yourself as a PDF here)
  • Student counsellor online support has been increased
  • Students and staff can download the BreakPro exercise program free of charge to their phones or computers. The download link will be published in Peppi / Tuudo this week or next week at the latest. With BreakPro, you can pause your work, get break exercise instructions and tips for better ergonomics. With the help of the application, we aim to increase the well-being of both students and staff at work.
  • Remember to take advantage of the Student Union HUMAKO’s online activities (such as Discord meetings and the yoga application). Read more from HUMAKO’s website (link takes to an external site).

General Information on Internships

Internships take place normally, provided that the organizations providing internships do not cancel them because of the current situation. Make sure to note the instructions given by the organisations.

  • If you are placed to quarantine, you can’t participate or start training during the quarantine period.
  • If you are ill, have any flu symptoms or are in quarantine, do not visit your internship placement’s premises.
  • If you belong to a risk group, consult your own doctor and follow the instructions given by your work placement organization.
  • If you are unsure how to act with regard to corona, contact your own coach or send an e-mail to
  • If the work placement is cancelled or does not accept interns at the moment, contact your supervising lecturer in order to discuss on the continuation of your studies.
  • If there are people belonging to the risk group in your immediate area, follow the guidelines of their health personnel and the THL.

Student Councelling

  • PSP Study Coach: Every student has her/his own coach who supports and mentors you professionally throughout your studies. You find your own PSP Study Coach in (on top-right corner click your name > settings > study information).
  • Study Advisor: Each Humak campus has a designated study advisor (formerly a study coach) whose key responsibilities include helping you if you encounter challenges related to, for example, your study skills, abilities, or progress in your studies. Contact information for study advisors can be found on the Student’s Guide(the list in Finnish programmes). AdEd-Students’ Study Councellor in Nurmijärvi Campus is: Jussi Hynninen.
  • Check out the degree student guidance and coaching information infographic, which clarifies the different roles at Humak. It allows you to be in touch with the right person depending on your guidance needs.

Advice on Covid-19 at Humak

You can send questions on Covid-19 to The emails are answered between 9-15  Monday to Friday. If you have an urgent matter, please contact your PDP Study Coach or Study advisor. If you have questions about how the teaching is organised, contact the teacher in charge of the specific course.

Media and official contacts:

Head of Student Services Noora Ahti, noora.ahti(at), tel. 0400 349 225

Principal/CEO Jukka Määttä, jukka.maatta(at), tel. 0400 349 249

Instructions in Case of Illness or Exposure

If you feel sick, act according to your local guidelines. Links to regional Covid-19 websites can be found listed below. There are regional differences when it comes to testing and tracing of Covid-19. However, we should all act in a responsible way and personally inform other people we might have exposed (48h before the start of symptoms) to ensure limiting the spread of the virus. The individuals informed can then, in part, act responsibly and stay in self-imposed quarantine. If you need help in informing e.g. your teaching group, contact Safety Director Noora Ahti, 0400 349 225.

Please note that the FSHS (student health services) do not provide Covid-19 testing. You can assess your own situation on the coronavirus symptom checker on Omaolo. Based on your answers, you will receive an assessment on the likelihood of Covid-19 transmission and instructions on getting tested.

General advice and additional information can be found from the national advice channels: National Covid-19 hotline 0295 535 535 and chat service as well as regional korona service numbers and web pages.

Regional Covid-19 Information and Vaccines

All of Finland is in the community transmission phase. 

  • Multiple municipalities in Uusimaa have changed their Covid-19 tracing strategy to include only housing units, nursing homes and medical care facilities for people in risk groups for severe coronavirus disease, starting from 10.1.2022. Covid-19 exposure that has happened in other situations such as family situations, work, schools, and early childhood education does not require the persons to be placed in quarantine as stated in the Communicable Diseases Act. The people exposed to the virus should however independently work on reducing the risk of infection.
  • In the case of limiting the spread of the virus, it is crucial that individuals with symptoms stay at home, avoid all contacts and get vaccinated. Even if you test negative on a home test, you cannot come to campus if you show symptoms.
  • The vaccine does not prevent infections. However, it does protect you from severe coronavirus disease.
  • Wash your hands, be mindful of the way you cough and please use a mask.
  • You can get infected anywhere. Contact teaching is a low-risk situation where people usually act as predicted.​

Vaccination Info

Multiple regions have enabled appointments for booster shots for anyone over 18. Check your local situation from the links below. Links for regional vaccine information:

Local Corona Service Numbers and Websites