Humak’s Swedish for Beginners Is a Popular Course Among Foreign Students: “Learning Swedish Is Easy and Useful”

Raidallinen kukkaruukku, josta kasvaa kolmilehtinen kasvi.

A beginner’s course in Swedish was a long-awaited addition to Humak’s study offer before its first implementation in the fall of 2021. The popularity of the Swedish for Beginners (5 ECTS) course has exceeded all expectations this summer as well. Studying Swedish opens doors especially for those who may encounter Swedish-speaking customers in their work. From the point of view of foreigners, Swedish is usually a relatively easy language to learn, especially compared to Finnish.

Åbo Underrättelser interviewed two students participating in Humak’s Swedish for Beginners summer course. Both agree that Swedish is a relatively easy language to learn and that it is also professionally beneficial. Knowing English helps in learning the language, because grammatically the languages are quite similar to each other.

The Swedish flag on a flagpole against the light blue sky.
Swedish is a useful language in the international labor market.

Foreigners Benefit From Swedish Language Skills

Kim Lindblad, Team Leader of International Affairs and Languages at Humak, originally got the idea for the beginner’s Swedish course a few years ago when Humak started their adventure education training program in English. Due to the high demand, there are also plans for a possible follow-up course.

Polish Agnieszka Kramarenko, who studies business economics online at Turku University of Applied Sciences, enjoys studying languages, so participating in the summer course has been rewarding.

“Knowing the Swedish language is also useful in the Polish labor market,” says Kramarenko.

She lives in Wroclaw and, in addition to her studies, runs a company that offers advice to those seeking a residence card. According to Kramarenko, the best aspects of the Finnish higher education system have been the good study atmosphere, emphasis on student well-being and free tuition.

Registration for This Fall’s Swedish for Beginners Course Starts on August 1

As many as 170 students participated in the Swedish language course held this summer. Swedish is another of Finland’s official languages, and learning the language is beneficial in the job market. In addition, many foreigners find the language easier to learn than Finnish. The course is open to all students and registration for it begins on August 1, 2022 at 12 P.M. in Humak’s online store. The course is also available at CampusOnline. You can study it from anywhere in the world. The course will be held from 1 September to 31 December 2022.

During the course, students familiarize themselves with the most common Swedish phrases and learns basic vocabulary and grammar in order to be able to manage everyday situations in Swedish. The course lays the groundwork for studying the Swedish language and includes interactive, oral and written tasks.

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Swedish for Beginners course can be found in Humak’s online store (click on the banner).

Text: Mari Ervasti