Postings About Jobs and Internships Are Moving to Tuudo

In the future, Humak students will have more reasons to download the Tuudo app to their phone. Jobs and trainee postings as well as other student projects of Humak’s partners will be transferred from Peppi to Tuudo as of March 1, 2021. You will find Humak’s internship and job postings by clicking “Career paths” and choosing Humak job opportunities.

You can also browse jobs in the online service in addition to the application. You’ll need Humak user IDs to log in to the online service. The fastest way to see them is in Tuudo.

From this day on, jobs will no longer be added to Peppi. All the old, valid internship and job advertisements will be transferred to Tuudo, so no worries, even if you haven’t read them from Peppi yet.

Hoodle’s course releases will also be added to Tuudo in the near future. The mobile service will serve students in a more versatile way in the future. Tuudo also has an electronic student ID, with which students receive discounts from VR and Matkahuolto, as well as Kela’s meal subsidy. The student ID found in Tuudo is not a membership card for the student union HUMAKO and does not include Slice benefits, i.e., several hundred local and national student discounts.

What does the Career service mean for Humak’s partners?

Submitting notices for Humak’s students is a free service that Humak provides for the workplace. Through Tuudo, you can offer jobs and internships, thesis projects and other assignments to Humak students.

Humak teaches youth work, organisational work, adventure education, work community development, cultural management, project management, interpreting and signed languages, as well as communication guidance and interpreting for the disabled. The Jobs and Internships section is popular among students. With your ad, you can reach up to 1,700 future professionals in your fields by submitting an ad through Tuudo’s service.

The service can be found at As a workplace representative, you first fill out your workplace profile, where you briefly tell us about your organization. Upload your logo, and fill out contact information with website addresses. The profile is stored in the service and you do not need to enter this information when you submit new notifications to our service. In addition, old notifications can be used as a basis for new notifications, since they are stored in the service. This is especially useful for workplaces that recur at certain intervals.

In the service, you can choose whether you are applying for a bachelor’s degree in a specific field of study or whether the job offered is such that it could be done by students in all our fields. In addition, a workplace representative can determine the skills and certifications that applicants are required to possess.

After submitting the report, it will be saved to the service for approval. It will appear to students after the report has been reviewed by our representatives. If the notification is not accepted, the reason for this is recorded in the service. The reason is also visible to the notifier.

The previous Lyyti form will no longer be used as of 26.2.2021. Those who submit a job and internship application by email are asked to fill in the job advertisement online. This ensures that all the information required for the job advertisement is filled in.