Studia – the Largest Study and Career Event in Finland 23–24.11.2021 – Humak on booth 4d38

Piirretty hahmo joka keinuu keinussa, joka on kiinnitetty pilveen

Studia, the largest study and career event is organized in Helsinki once again on 23.-24.11.2021 and Humak, of course, will be there as well. You can find student tutors and our staff from booth, 4d36 as well as our brand-new Applicant’s Guide hot off the press. Come say hi and have a chat about your education!

Our brand new convention booth built completely out of ecological material will be showcased at Studia 2021. In addition, you can find our new and improved Applicant’s Guide there as well to aid you in your future applicant needs.

Tutors from our student union HUMAKO will be present to tell you about their own experiences at Humak and the everyday life of a student. Questions about applying or our degree programmes can also be asked from our experts at student services and communication.

You can also get information about our wide selection of courses to choose from at our Open UAS.

Launching our Brand-New Applicant’s Guide

The Applicant’s Guide, a guide containing all the information needed about studying and applying, will be launched at Studia. You can come get a printed version of the guide from our booth, our campuses, or you can read the electronic pdf-version of the Applicant’s Guide on our website. Please note that there is information on it both in Finnish and in English.

Even more student stories, even more comments and experiences of Humak from our alumni and teachers. That’s what the new Applicant’s Guide is all about. It also contains heaps of information about your actual studies and career opportunities after you graduate one of our degree programmes.

You can find all the joint application applying times from our website. 

Student Counselors and Advisers! Order our Printed Materials or Invite a Student Tutor for a Visit!

Humak’s printed material meant for student advising and guiding can be ordered free of charge from SubjectAid (link opens on an external site).

Our student tutors can be booked for a presentation and marketing visit e.g. to schools or garrisons. This visit can be booked either as an in-person visit or an online presentation. Book a visit from our student tutor. Please note that form is only available in Finnish.

You can also contact our student services office for more information.

Guidelines and Safety Instructions on Studia’s Website

Find more information about Studia 2021 and event safety from Studia 2021 website (link opens on an external page).

Also make sure to check out our social media for Studia-related content.


A red, white, and blue banner announcing Humak's involvement in Studia 2021 student convention.

Text: Marika Stam.

Translation & Edit: Petra Karjalainen