Studies About Sustainable Culture Management – You Still Have Time to Enroll on COSM

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During this spring, you once again have the opportunity to study sustainable culture management in our COSM study module on our Open UAS. The online studies are organised in English and entail international guest experts and lecturers. The three courses are connected by the central theme of developing new and sustainable processes for cultural management.

The purpose of COSM is to emphasize sustainable development in the actions of the cultural field. The study module (15 ECTS) focuses on the values of sustainable culture and the choices made in leadership and organisational culture.

The study module consists of three 5 ECTS courses: COSM1, COSM2 and COSM3. The student may, if they so choose, complete each course separately. The study module is organised between 25.1-17.5.2022.

Each course includes four webinars hosted by our international and Finnish teachers. The teacher in charge of the studies is Dr. Marcin Poprawski.

Cosm 1 speakers: Birgitta Perssson, Jason Vitorillo, Sacha Kagan, Contance Deveraux and Marcin Poprawski.

Regenerating, Developing and Challenging the Ways We View Sustainable Development

In COSM, methods of sustainable development are applied to cultural leadership and the actions of culture organisations.

During the studies, the participants will consider the ways leadership in the field of culture could be used to support sustainable development. The courses focus on reflecting how business and our lives in general could be made ecologically, socially and economically sustainable as well as ethical, responsible and balanced.

Strengthening the existing methods of sustainable development inside the cultural field is also a focus point in the studies. The studies strengthen the sustainable development skills of the leaders and employees of culture, arts and cultural heritage organisations as well as arts and culture entrepreneurs. COSM-courses were created to bring forth new viewpoints and tools for the leaders and employees in the field of culture.

Read more about the studies:

  • COSM1, webinars beginning 25.1.2022
  • COSM2, webinars beginning 3.3.2022
  • COSM3, webinars beginning 7.4.2022

You Still Have Time – Sign Up for COSM1 Before 17.1.2022

The last day to sign up for the first part of this study module, COSM1, is 16.1.2022.

Sign up for the COSM study module (15 ECTS)

You can enroll on any of the three courses on our online store or from the links above.

The cost for the study module is 225€, discounts (for Humak alumni, the unemployed, pensioners) and the terms are stated on our online store. Each 5 ECTC course costs 75€.

Text: Marika Stam.

Translation: Petra Karjalainen.

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