Study Sustainability Values in Cultural Management

Join us and experience the international perspective on sustainability values in Cultural Management. We bring you the esteemed experts on sustainability from all over the world to discuss on the many aspects of the sustainability.

This is an unique opportunity to learn and discuss with the leading experts of the topic in our hybrid course in a same place. You can follow the course online or visit Humak’s campus in this unique hybrid course which is part of our Master of Cultural Manager degree programme.

Seven facial images and names: Antonio Cuyler, Birgitta Persson, WoongJo Chang, Lorena Vicini, Constance DeVereaux, Marcin Poprawski and Sacha Kagan.
Visiting lecturers of the first COSM1 course. The registration deadline is on the 4th September.

Read more about the speakers here.

The courses are open for everyone whether you are a student, researcher, professor, expert or a person interested in sustainability management. The registration is open for everyone.

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COSM Continues Its Education Journey Taking Some New Directions.

COSM stays as 3 independent but harmonized parts of content on the key sustainability values related to cultural organizations, cultural entrepreneurship, festivals and local communities, as well as economic, social, and environmental challenges of cultural professionals’ work.

The cost of one part is 75 euro, and is equivalent of 5 ECTS. If you are a student, ask your supervisor whether you can include this unique course to your own studies.

Portrait gallery of 19 international experts on sustainability coming from all over the world.

Portrait gallery of the experts of COSM 1, 2 and 3.

4th Edition of COSM Brings Together Top Experts from All Over the World

The fourth edition keeps the core idea of COSM as being intense, dynamic, and mixed method based safe space for learning. It runs online with some options of classroom meetings.

We widen again the perspective and invite new guest lecturers from Cambodia, South Korea, Brasil, Scotland, Sweden, and the USA and keeps our links with old friends bringing experiences from Finland, Jamaica, Germany, Portugal, Italy, as well as Sweden, the USA and the UK.

The experts will discuss with you several cultural professionals’ practice and sustainability related themes framed in dimensions of e.g.:

  • organizational cultures,
  • leadership,
  • cultural policies,
  • cultural ecosystems,
  • the nature of creative processes,
  • social justice,
  • equity,
  • aesthetics,
  • creative tourism,
  • audience engagement and many more…

Why COSM is the unique?

  1. Get the international and cross-sectorial perspective on the sustainability values oriented cultural management and rediscover it’s meaning in collaborative spirit.
  2. Join the team of people exploring sustainability-oriented solutions with experts, cultural managers and cultural producers in their organizational and entrepreneurial contexts, developing sustainability management rooted in the core of humanities and arts as academic, applied disciplines of science and practice.
  3. Use safe space for questioning the answers regarding cultural organizations and cultural professionals’ role in balancing their ecosystems, redefining their way of narrating what they (un)do, with what tools or methods, and how they are impacting their local communities.
  4. Be the part of regular webinars and discussions with international & regional experts and practitioners focused on culture & sustainability, to strengthen sustainability values-oriented practices of leaders and employees of culture, art & heritage organisations’, as well as culture & arts entrepreneurs and NGO’s members.
  5. Take part in the courses’ activities and assignments that are facilitating several dimensions of your potential: interaction, cooperation, reflection, written argumentation and dialogue in conversation, all aiming to have effective role of cultural managers in supporting all types of attempts to make our cultural ecosystems and our life more sustainable, ethical, responsible or balanced – in environmental, social and economic sense.

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Click the Icon for the registration page. You can register to all courses at once or individual courses. Open UAS programmes are available for everyone and everywhere.

Meet the Speakers: Sustainability Values and Cultural Management