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The importance of the quality of youth work has been highly prioritised in the EU youth agenda since 2013. The task to prepare professional qualified youth workers lies largely on the HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) and their study programmes.

The quality of the practical experiences, including work placement, the skills of self-reflection and analysis, determine the actual preparation of the student to become a qualified youth worker with a professional identity.

Humak is active in developing the youth work and youth work studies at higher educational institutions. It participates in a new project that addresses the issue of the quality of practical experiences in preparation of youth workers by the HEIs.

Exchanging Best Practices

The project exchanges and analyses existing practices of organising practice in Youth Work study programmes in Estonia, Finland and the UK. The duration of this project is seven months.

The main activities carried out in the project are four meetings for the project team. The aim of the meetings is to run intensive workshops and hold study visits to the partner organisations.

The 10 participants, forming the project team, are involved in developing the youth work studies in their organisations. The project aims at building a deeper framework for further cooperation.

Project Team meetings, workshops and study visits

The first project workshop took place at Tartu University, Narva College on 14th – 16th September.  During this very first meeting the participating higher education institutions who provide youth work  studies introduced their curricula and studies.

—This cooperation seems to be really fruitful – we all gained a lot of important information of organizing youth work studies on higher education in different countries.  The colleagues were  intrigued by Coaching Pedagogy of Humak and the plans to organize an International Semester in curricula. I´m looking forward for the next workshop that will take place in Birmingham at Newman University.  The topic of our October workshop is the non-formal or informal education methods in formal education.” says senior lecturer Sari Höylä, from Humak International Affairs.

In December there will be the third workshop at Humak.

Improved practical component of the Youth Work Study programmes

As a result of the project the participants have a thorough comparative knowledge of the partners’ Youth Work programmes. Each partner also has an Action Plan for using the gained knowledge in programme development. The partners aim to continue cooperation after the first seven month project period 01.08.2016 – 28.2.2017.

The impact of the project, foreseen upon its completion, is in the actual changes/improvements in the practice/placement organisation in the Youth Work programmes of the partners.

In the longer term, the project has a potential positive impact on the quality of youth work through the improved practical component of the Youth Work study programmes.

Project partners:

University of Tartu, Estonia (Lead Partner)
Tallinn University, Estonia
Humak University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Newman University, UK

The project is funded by Archimedes Foundation Youth Agency from Erasmus+ Programme

Project period: 01.08.2016 – 28.02.2017

More information

Sari Höylä, Senior Lecturer, International Affairs

tel. + 358 20 7621 376
Humak University of Applied Sciences
Ilkantie 4, FI-00400 HELSINKI


Photo, first page:Project Manager Inga Jaagus introduced the new Narva College building for project partners.
Photo on this page, above: The first project workshop took place at Tartu University, Narva College.