Raaseporin linnan valaisevat Jenni Pystynen/Paula Lehtonen Liittyviä tiedostoja

The Lights on Raasepori! lighting design competition looked for an insightful and fascinating lighting idea to be implemented at a light-themed event at the ruins of Raseborg Castle in August 2017. Besides Finland, competition proposals were also received from Italy, England, Estonia, Russia, Romania, and China. The jury of the competition has selected a winner from amongst 22 contestants and the public has voted for its own favourite.

The jury decided that the winner of the lighting design competition is the light installation Reflection of History by Jenni Pystynen, Lighting Designer, and Paula Lehtonen, Media Artist. The theme of the winning installation is to transform, with the help of video projectors, the western facade of the ruins into a mirror onto which castle events spanning from the 14th century to the present day are reflected.

The jury of the competition was impressed by the excellent video projection, as well as the high technical and artistic quality of the winning proposal, which presented the history of the castle in a visually abstract way, respecting the past. The designers of the winning entry of the Lights On Raasepori! competition will be awarded 8,000 euros.


Lights on Raasepori -valotaidekilpailun
Paula Lehtonen, 0ne of the winners of Lights on Raasepori! competition (in the middle) with jury members Tarja Ervasti and Ilkka Paloniemi. Photo: Nina Luostarinen

Lighting Designer and Media Artist working together

Jenni Pystynen, who currently lives in Great Britain, regarded the competition as a fascinating task.
—Raseborg Castle was not familiar to either of us, which is why we looked for information on the castle. At the same time, we gained an opportunity to learn about the history of the area. Raseborg Castle has a long, versatile history and it was interesting to find ways to make it present and visible.

Jenni Pystynen and Paula Lehtonen have carried out cooperation for a long time.
—Over the last ten years, we have cooperated in creating various video installations. We have created a shared aesthetic language, and it could be said that our cooperation is more than the sum of its parts, Pystynen comments. —There are so many people who do not know this wonderful building, says Paula Lehtonen, and tells that she is excited of the opportunity to participate in tmaking the history of the castle alive.

The jury of the competition consists of Tarja Ervasti, Lighting Designer, Ilkka Paloniemi, Artistic Director of LUX Helsinki, Stuba Nikula, Cultural Director of the City of Helsinki, Jari Vuorinen, Lighting Designer from the Lighting Design Collective, Indrek Leht, Director of Tallinn Valgus Festival, and Henrik Jansson, Park Superintendent, Metsähallitus.

The Public’s Favourite Is LiveFire

In addition, the public voted for its own favourite from amongst the top five proposals, which were selected beforehand by the jury. They were the following: Espiral (Verna Kaipainen and Mia Erlin, Finland), LiveFire (Marco Brianza, Italy), Luju (Luigi Console, Italy), Reflection of History (Jenni Pystynen & Paula Lehtonen, Finland / Great Britain), and Pinnalla (Timo Aalto, Finland). The public’s favourite was LiveFire. Reflection of History received the second highest number of votes and Espiral the third highest number of votes.

Lights on Raasepori!i
Students Virginie Demoitié and Liisa Kyrönseppä have participated in Lights on Raasepori! project

Lights on Raasepori! is a study project too

Humak students have the possibility of getting to know real-lilfe projects of their field of study. They often carry out concrete productions. The concept of the lighting competition stands for a good example of this. It is based on the innovation, brainstorming and benchmarking of a group of 10 students (Anja Popov, Asta Lindholm, Marko Heikura, Åsa Lönnqvist, Mari Larkovirta, Pia Koivisto, Liisa Kyrönseppä, Christoper Hokkanen).

Liisa Kyrönseppä, a student of cultural management from Humak Kauniainen campus was responsible of the production of the lighting design competion.  Specialist in Turku RDI centre Nina Luostarinen tells, that Kyrönseppä has been able to compensate many parts of her Cultural management degree by working and doing practical training for the  lighting competition project.  Innovation activity, business practices and cultural management and the basics of communications are examples of the subjects. Liisa has also curated the competition, participated in the innovation of  the concept, as well as carried out communication of the project.

Virginie Demoitié, a student from Belgium is doing her practice in the project. She has carried out some communication projects within the competition. Virginie has been impressed of the international input and uniqueness of the competition: there is no similar in the whole of Europe. She finds the competition to be a wonderful means to give attention to a historical site.

There will be a similar competition in Estonia

An international competition will be carried out in Keila-Joa park in Estonia. It will be part of  Lights on! competition.


The public lighting design competition was implemented by Metsähallitus and the Humak University of Applied Sciences, as part of the Lights On! project. The competition period of the Lights On Raasepori! lighting design competition took place from 18 May 2016 to 2 September 2016. The Lights On! project sheds new light on eight historical tourist destinations in Finland and Estonia. We inspire people to visit ruins, fortresses, hill forts, and parks and enhance their quality as tourist destinations. The project, funded by Central Baltic Interreg, is ongoing from 2015–2018.

Additional information:
Metsähallitus, Project Manager Aino von Boehm, tel. +358 40 7634318, aino.vonboehm@metsa.fi
Humak, specialist Nina Luostarinen, tel. +358 20 7621 375, nina.luostarinen@humak.fi

Above photo on the winning  proposial /Jenni Pystynen ja Paula Lehtonen

Other photos: Nina Luostarinen