Love outdoors? Interested in learning by doing and applying your skills in practice, while earning a diploma in humanities. If so, Adventure and Outdoor Education, a 3-year 210 ECTS degree programme is for you! The joint application period starts at 7.1.2021, 08:00 and ends at 20.1.2021, 15:00. Apply through this link!

Adventure and Outdoor Education is all about learning new skills through experiential and activity-based learning. This Bachelor of Humanities degree program includes things like hiking, skiing, climbing and canoeing. The core idea is that students are able to learn pedagogical and analytical skills as well as leadership skills and analytical thinking through concrete experience.

Snowy forest and mountains

Experience Finland through Outdoor Education

The campus grounds are located in peaceful Nurmijärvi, a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of Helsinki. The Adventure and Outdoor Education programme includes excursions into the wild and beautiful nature of Finland, where you get to turn theory into practice! Read about the thoughts and experiences of Adventure and Outdoor Education graduate Mari Kulovesi here.

Nurmijärvi campus also offers its students various free time activities. The campus grounds include a gym and a swimming hall available for students at a low price. The campus is near a lake and is surrounded by great running and skiing trails, bikes are available to borrow from the campus site.

First year student of the programme Marie Louise Ter Horst describes her first year as a student like this: “I really like how you learn to combine the outdoor activities with the education. You learn to use outdoor activities for educational purposes.”

An International Learning Environment

All education is completely in english, with education provided by experienced professionals in the Outdoor Education field. Whether you’re sitting in a classroom learning social studies or kayaking down a stream, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always be guided by professionals passionate about Outdoor Education.

All adventuring equipment is provided by Humak. The only requirements for participants is adequate physical and mental condition suitable for an active teaching style. If you’re feeling adventurous and crave to see what lies beyond the edge of unknown, come and jump right in to the Adventure and Outdoor Education programme!

“Guides and facilitators want to take the participants to the edge of the unknown where they have room for growth” says Benjamin Hammond, a student of Adventure and Outdoor Education programme.

A Wide Range of Opportunities

Graduating from the Adventure and Outdoor Education programme gains you a bachelor of humanities diploma. Adventure Education graduates can work in the areas of preventive work, youth and NGO work, education and training, and nature- and adventure-based entrepreneurship.

Three internship periods are included in the curriculum of the first, second and third year. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you also have a chance to conduct internships abroad! Read about Adventure and Outdoor Education student Sampsa Vähä-Karvia’s internship experiences here!

A climbing instructor stands near the edge of a cliff with a climbing harness on. Students watch as the teacher explains how to climb.
Adventure and Outdoor Education includes a wide variety of activities

Graduates have a wide variety of employment options ranging from educators and instructors to entrepreneurship. The Adventure and Outdoor Education programme’s first class began in 2018. Here’s your chance to be a part of something new, brave and exciting! For more info, visit Adventure and Outdoor Education’s website.

“I highly recommend studying adventure education! It is suitable for anyone who wants to do practical community education work. You still have to be able to work towards your own development. The whole point is to develop yourself, so that you can share skills and help others develop, too,” says Adventure and Outdoor Education graduate Mari Kulovesi.