Hannu Sirkkilä

Hannu Sirkkilä from Humak University of Applied Sciences open the Third day of Future in Our Hands International Week by giving a lecture about coaching pedagogy. But before the story should start, Hannu surprised the participants of the seminar week with some morning mindfulness. With a fresh mind, the listeners were ready for the coaching pedagogy lecture.

From Lecturing to Coaching

Hannu Sirkkilä explained about how Humak is teaching their students. The teachers are not classic teachers, but more mentors, guiders or supporters of the students. “These people are not the authors of the knowledge”, says Sirkkilä. Humak expects the students to be active, responsible and independent. They are working together in coaching groups. “In work life there is also teamwork, networking and project activities. And that is why we learn these competences. Real labor marketing situations, simulating real work practices, projects and internships. All with integrative theory.’

Input from International Partners

Humak is not the only university with this way of working. The University has several partnerships with universities all over Europe. Examples of these partners are in Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands. Together with these partners they can evaluate and advance their curriculum.

“In my opinion Rotterdam, one of the biggest cities in The Netherlands, has the best practices. Their learning modules are competency based. Their projects combine different degree students”, Sirkkilä praises. Even as the Humak, the partner university in Rotterdam has coaching group of students as lectures. The pedagogical innovation process is one of their high priorities.

Hannu Sirkkilä
Hannu Sirkkilä from Humak says that Rotterdam’s pedagogical model has been a great inspiration for Humak. Photo: Aliisa Piirla.

The lecture of Hannu Sirkkilä was part of the International week ‘Future in Our Hands’, held from the 24th of March till the 28th of March 2015 in Jyväskylä. On the last day, Friday the 27th of March 2015, this seminar week will be closed by a lecture of Timo Sorvoja, who is going to tell about the European funding opportunities.

About the Article

Text: Joost de Vrankrijker. Photos: Aliisa Piirla. This article is written by the students as part of their communication course and is also itself as an example of the results of coaching. The article written by ERASMUS student Joost de Vrankrijker has been edited by Humak’s communication staff (Jarmo Röksä) and part of the learning process for the students is to evaluate the reasons of the moderate editing in order the article is published in Humak’s webpage.