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Corona Task Force Update 23.9.2020

Humak’s Corona Task Force actively follows the Covid-19 situation in Finland and acts following the instructions given by the authorities. The Task Force has weekly meetings during August – September. The next meeting will be held on the 28th September. The information will be published in this page shortly after the meeting.

Instructions for the personnel are to be found in Humak Wiki from this day onwards in: https://wiki.humak.fi/display/TUR/Korona-ohjeet .

Updates for today’s bulletin: Guidelines for the Erasmus mobility for Humak’s students on Spring 2021.


International mobility   

Humak has canceled student and staff exchanges (exchange students / staff coming from abroad and students / staff leaving Humak) by the end of 2020.

Humak Students can apply for Erasmus Exchange programmes in Spring 2021 if the Corona situation allow. More detailed information is to be published in Peppi and the link will be updated here later.

Exchange of the arriving students abroad will be made possible following the safety regulations.

Decisions for the staff mobility will be taken later.

Travel Restrictions and Consequences of it 

For all travel, the official guidelines for entry and stay must be strictly followed. Unnecessary travel abroad should be avoided. You should always check up-to-date entry regulations before traveling from the authorities of the destination country, for example from the nearest embassy of the destination country.

If you arrive to Finland from or through a country that is still subject to border control, you have to stay in quarantine issued by the authorities for 14 days. You have to stay in quarantine even if the covid-19 test is negative.

Jos palaat maista, joihin on asetettu matkustusrajoitteita tai palaat sellaisen kautta, on jäätävä viranomaisten määräämään karanteeniin. Sinun on jäätävä karanteeniin, vaikka koronavirustesti olisi negatiivinen.

If you arrive to Finland from a country from which there is no restrictions to entry, you don’t have to be in voluntary quarantine.

Updated list of the travel restrictions in Foreign Department: https://um.fi/entering-finland-and-travelling-abroad

About travel and quarantine in THL’s webpage: https://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases-and-vaccinations/what-s-new/coronavirus-covid-19-latest-updates/travel-and-the-coronavirus-pandemic

Corona information in Humak

Advice is given by email from korona@humak.fi. Received mail is answered between 9 AM to 3 PM. In urgent matters contact your PDP Study Coach or campus’ Study advisor.

Contact Teaching on Campuses

The campuses follow the corona guidelines issued by the authorities. The instructions of the authorities and the task force must actively be followed for any refinements or changes before or during the contact teaching.

Education services draws guidelines for starting contact teaching groups and study programme grops will announce detailed information of the studies for the study programmes and each groups. Part of the teaching will be performed online.

Below you find general information for the safe studies on campus. Students arriving to contact teaching has received the same information by email.

Instructions for students in case of illness or exposure

If you get sick (get Covid-19 symptoms) in or after contact

  • If you get corona symptoms during contact teaching, ask your teacher for a face mask. Leave the campus immediately and have a symptom assessment in the OmaOlo service for further instructions.
  • If you get covid-19 symptoms after a day of contact teaching, make a symptom assessment in the OmaOlo service, where you can get further instructions. Authorities will provide guidance on possible follow-up.
  • Do not come in contact teaching if you feel sick or have any symptoms.

If you will be informed that a covid-19 case has been reported in your personal circle

  • If you become aware that a Covid-19  incident has been reported in your immediate area, follow the instructions given by the health authorities.
  • If you are quarantined by the health authorities, you will not be able to come to contact teaching.
  • If you are not quarantined and are asymptomatic, you can participate in contact teaching normally.

A family member / person living in the same household has taken a test or has been booked for a test. How do I proceed before the test result arrives?

  • If you do not have symptoms, you can continue your normal life until you have a test result.
  • If you have symptoms, you will not be able to attend contact teaching.
  • If the result of a family member / person living in the same household is positive, the rest of the family is subject to official quarantine under the Contamination Diseases Act. The quarantine is set by the health authorities.

You are tested positive for Covid-19

  • You act according the instructions given you by the health authorities.

The Local Councelling Phones for the Covid-19:​

Helsinki: 09 310 10024  ​
Kauniainen: 09 8789 1370 ​
Nurmijärvi: 019 226 0099 ​
Jyväskylä: 014-266 0133
Kuopio: 044 704 6700​
Turku: 02 266 2012

If coronavirus counseling is closed and symptoms suggesting of a corona are mild, wait until the next day. In case of urgent illness, you can contact the national emergency number 116 117, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Safety on Campus/RDI-Centres: 

  • Take care of the proper hand hygiene and use hand disinfectant. Please wash your hands immediately when you arrive to the campus. The hand disinfectant for the students is available on the premises.
  • Look at the information for the handwash and coughing here:  https://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases-and-vaccinations/what-s-new/coronavirus-covid-19-latest-updates/transmission-and-protection-coronavirus#hygiene
  • If you feel sick or have any flu symptoms, do not arrive on campus.
  • If you fall ill during the teaching, leave the campus immediately and make self assessment in OmaOlo-service where you are given instructions for the further actions.
  • If you have been ill, you can come to campus after two symptom free days.
  • If you have been abroad, follow the official guidelines for the possible 14 days guarantine. If you have been recommended for the voluntary quarantine do not come to campus during this period.
  • When in campus please maintain proper safety distance to the others. The Task Force recommends at least 1 meter distance, preferably two meters distance to other students and personnel.
  • Follow the local instructions for the timing of study breaks and meals.
  • Avoid unnecessary stays in campuses.
  • Health authorities (THL) recommend the use of facial mask in public transportation and in situation in which you can’t keep the adequate safety distance. Each student is responsible for his/her own protection equipment. More information on the recommendation:  https://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases-and-vaccinations/what-s-new/coronavirus-covid-19-latest-updates/transmission-and-protection-coronavirus/recommendation-on-the-use-of-face-masks-for-citizens
  • If you belong to the risk group, discuss with your own doctor on your participation to the contact teaching. If necessary, be in contact with your own teacher/trainer.
  • The same information is available also in Peppi.
  • Because the current situation can change fast, actively follow information in Peppi and Tuudo.

 How I can receive coaching and what kind of mentoring is given?   

  • PDP Study Coach: Every student has her/his own coach who supports and mentors you professionally thoughout your studies. You find your own PDP Study Coach in student.peppi.humak.fi (on top-right corner click your name > settings > study information).
  • Study Advisor: Each Humak campus has a designated study advisor (formerly a study coach) whose key responsibilities include helping you if you encounter challenges related to, for example, your study skills, abilities, or progress in your studies. Contact information for study advisors can be found on the Wiki: https://wiki.humak.fi/display/OJOS/Opinto-ohjaajat (the list in Finnish programmes).  AdEd-Students’ Study Councellor in Nurmijärvi Campus is: Jussi Hynninen.
  • Check out the degree student guidance and coaching information, which clarifies the roles of different actors in Humak: https://wiki.humak.fi/display/IE/Degree+students. It allows you to be in touch with the right person depending on your guidance needs. See also Councelling and guidance during the studies: https://wiki.humak.fi/display/IE/Counselling+and+guidance+during+the+studies

Koronavilkku application for Mobile Phones

Humak recommends all students and personnel to install Koronavilkku application to their mobile phones. The application is published to application stores today and it helps to track and trace Covid19-infection chains anonymously and gives information if you have been in contact with infected persons. More information:


General Information for Work Placements

During the Autumn semester, the internships take place normally, provided that the organisations providing internships do not cancel them.

  • If you are placed to quarantine, you can’t participate or start training during the quarantine period.
  • If you are ill, have any flu symtoms or are in quarantine, do not visit your work placement’s premises.
  • If you belong to a risk group, consult your own doctor and follow the instructions given by your work placement organisation.
  • If you are unsure how to act with regard to corona, contact your own coach or send an e-mail to korona@humak.fi.
  • If the work placement is cancelled, contact your supervising lecturer in order to discuss on the continuation of your studies.
  • If there are people belonging to the risk group in your immediate area, follow the guidelines of their health personnel and the THL.


Travelling Abroad on Free Time

Notice the risks attached to private travelling to abroad. This can lead to 14 days quarantine issued to you by the authorities during which you cannot enter to the campus.

Service on Campuses  

Student Services:

  • Serve mainly online
  • Between 24.8.-10.9. student services are open for the on-site service in a following way: Mon-Thu Kuopio, Jyväskylä and Helsinki, Nurmijärvi on Wednesdays. Kauniainen and Turku serve mainly online


  • Service is given in a normal way – please follow the safety rules (social distancing, hygiene)

Health Services

  • Municipalities decide the how they operate
  • Student services is gathering information on the services in Humak areas and information is published in Humak Wiki.31

Corona virus information

The general counseling service will serve you by e-mail korona@humak.fi. Messages are answered between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. In urgent cases, contact your HEKS coach or study supervisor in your area.


eTutor service is provided by Student Union HUMAKO. They will support you with problems related to your studies and life management, as well as help you check your courses and credits. The target group of eTutors includes everyone who studies at Humak. You can contact eTutors in Moodle on the eTutor platform or by e-mail etutor@humako.net

In Moodle’s discussion areas, you have the opportunity to chat with other students and get peer support. You can also create Anonymous discussions and respond to them anonymously in “Students Anonymous” and get an answer from eTutor or another student at that time. In student pause room, you can start discussions on free topics and participate in them with your own name. The eTutor living room is a nostalgic chat where you can chat with other students in real time with your own name, and at certain times eTutor is also available through it.

For Open UAS Students  

Korona may also affect the studies of the Open University of Applied Sciences. The lecturers responsible for the course or competence unit announce eventual changes in the tasks and methods of completion of the courses in the Open LMS e-learning environment. If you have any questions about completing the course, please contact the lecturer in charge of the course.

For questions related to the Open University of Applied Sciences’ registrations, fees and financing of studies, you can get advice by e-mail at avoinamk@humak.fi or by phone at 0400 349 266 or tel. 0400 349 319.