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Corona Task Force Update 20.01.2021

Humak’s Corona Task Force actively follows the Covid-19 situation in Finland and acts following the instructions given by the authorities. The Corona Task Force held its first meeting this year, the next meeting will be held on January 27th if needed. The bulletin will be updated after the meeting by 11 a.m.

Instructions for personnel can be found in Humak Wiki from this day onwards in: https://wiki.humak.fi/display/TUR/Korona-ohjeet.

The release has been updated on regional corona situations, HUS’s instructions on quarantine in the event of a transformation virus, and Humak’s study counselors’ tips for distance learning and coping during the corona period. International exchange students will be sent more information about their arrival on the Nurmijärvi campus and the quarantine period within this week.

Noora Ahti starts as Humak’s Safety Director starting from 20.1.2020. She is in charge of safety related things and acts as a liason between Humak and the authorities.

Remote Teaching and Working Phase Continues in Humak

Teleworking is still the norm in Humak. With regard to teaching, only the necessary contact teaching (e.g. competency tests) can be carried out as planned. Representatives of focus areas inform study groups separately about the way in which teaching is organized in the summer.

Staff must remember to inform campus kitchens and libraries about ongoing or canceled contact teaching. Also, space reservations must be remembered to cancel in time.

You can check out the regional corona situation and possible restrictions and recommendations from THL’s website (link takes you to the corona situation map).

Remote Studying Tips for Students

Humak’s study coaches have compiled and extensive list of tips designed to help with remote studying. The guide includes tips and advice for studying and personal well-being during the remote studying phase. You can download the pdf-guide for yourself by clicking this link.

Regional Pandemic Information

Kuopio has moved from the normal phase to the acceleration phase. The date in relation to areas is the time when the situation in the area has been updated.

Pääkaupunkiseutu (14.1.2021) ja Turku (19.1.2021)

Spreading phase: Helsinki Metropolitan Area (14.1.2021) and Turku (19.1.2021)

Acceleration phase: Jyväskylä (18.1.2021) and Kuopio (18.1.2021)

Up to date information about regional situations as well as recommendations and limitations can be found from THL’s website.

Prevention of the new covid variant requires prompt action and a longer quarantine period

Quarantine regulations must be strictly adhered to and travel needs to be limited, HUS writes in its bulletin. (link)

  • Quarantine regulations must be strictly adhered to and travel needs to be limited, HUS writes in its bulletin. (link)
  • Those exposed to the modified virus must be identified quickly and quarantine regulations must be strictly adhered to.
  • The length of quarantine is 14 days and within the family 21 days. The quarantined person must also remain separate from those living in the same household.
  • Asymptomatic persons should be tested as soon as exposure confirmed, even if symptoms are not shown. Testing should be repeated during quarantine and before the quarantine ends.
  • Travel to the UK, South Africa and Ireland should be avoided. National and international travel should also be kept to a minimum. Tests at the borders should be increased.
  • “Restrictions and recommendations cannot be reduced and compliance with safety instructions is even more important,” says Eeva Ruotsalainen.
  • THL guidelines for the prevention of coronavirus variants. (link)

FSHS, Students and Covid Testing

Please note that FSHS is not currently conducting covid testing, because testing is handled by the public sector as per law.

You can assess your own situation with the coronavirus sympton checker. Based on your answers you’ll get a report of the likelyhood of infection and instructions on how to seek treatment in different situations.

General guidance and more information can be found through national guidance channels: national phone guidance 0295 535 535 and chat guidance.

Personnel Mobility

Personnel mobility planning is permitted for the spring semester 2021 in accordance with travel restrictions. Contrary to what was previously announced, staff search for the exchange will take place from the beginning of the year instead of December. It will be announced separately through internal communication channels. A virtual exchange can replace planned staff mobility if changing travel restrictions do not allow the exchange to take place physically.

Necessary trips inside of Finland require a travel permit temporarily granted by project center leaders. RDI activity and teaching related trips are handled by the head of education. Decisions are always made case-by-case based on the current situation and travel restrictions. A travel permit can be given at the earliest one week before the trip. A permit is applied via email. The person responsible for travel permits will answer to the person who applied the permit and to their supervisor. After receiving the travel permit, a normal travel plan must be sent to a supervisor.

Task Force Spring 2021 Policies


Multimodal and remote courses are organized entirely online.

Teaching arrangements:

The organization of contact teaching depends on the stage of the corona epidemic in the area. If the corona situation in the area changes and it is possible to switch from online studies to contact teaching, students will be offered sufficient transition time so that they can arrange the practicalities related to the transition to contact teaching.

Contact teaching courses

Contact teaching courses include interpreting, sign language, adventure education and languages. Group work situations related to these courses on campuses or RDI centers must take place under teacher supervision.

  • An interpreter student has the opportunity to visit (alone) on campus should they need to use an application / program on a computer owned by Humak (such as Boardmaker). A student and the teacher responsible for the course must agree on visiting times beforehand.

Contact teaching in areas where the epidemic threat is low:

The offer of full-time study courses in contact teaching can be expanded by region. Courses that are offered as contact teaching are agreed on a regional basis. Profit Center leaders make the decision to organize teaching in accordance with the guidelines made by the Corona Task Force.

Contact teaching in areas of covid acceleration:

Remote work recommendation is followed, not including separately agreed contact teaching in interpreting, adventure education and language studies.

Teaching in areas of covid spread:

  • Voluntary student gatherings and small group work is not allowed on campus / RDI center teaching situations. Events and classes are not permitted outside of Humak’s teaching facilities.
  • Events guided by teachers outside of Humak’s study facilities are not allowed.

Information on teaching arrangements:

Focus areas inform full-time students per student group about the spring 2021 study courses, whether they are implemented as contact teaching or online.

Contact teaching must follow the safety intervals and hygiene instructions given in accordance with THL’s instructions. Humak makes a strong recommendation for the use of face masks on campus. Students must acquire their own face masks.

Internships follow the instructions given by the workplace.


Services operate remotely where applicable. Basic services such as the study office, library, information management services and mail continue to operate during the Spring semester. 

Library services 

  • Services continue to operate normally according to regional guidelines
  • Use of facemask are required according to regional guidelines, unless a health condition prevents its use
  • The number of customers in the library is limited if necessary, taking into account regional recommendations 
  • Visits to the library should be kept short

Study office services 

  • Study office services are provided electronically
  • The study office can be visited per agreement. A face mask must be used, unless a health condition prevents its use.

IT services 

Media and official contacts:

Head of Training Noora Ahti, noora.ahti(at)humak.fi, puh. 0400 349 225

Principal/CEO Jukka Määttä, jukka.maatta(at)humak.fi, tel. 0400 349 249

Spring Semester 2021 International Mobility

Student exchange is possible during the spring semester. Long-term student mobility (study exchange for more than three months and internship abroad for more than 2 months) is considered a necessary reason, i.e. student exchange in “red” countries indicated in THL’s traffic light model is also possible. Travel to countries marked in gray is prohibited. Travel rules to different countries may change rapidly during spring, be prepared for possible changes. 

Students are asked to carefully assess the risks associated with the exchange and ensure adequate insurance coverage before applying for the exchange. Humak will clarify matters related to insurance coverage and provide information on insurance coverage at a later date. 

Persons leaving for the exchange must be prepared for any quarantine rules and repeated corona tests required by the destination country. Testing may be subject to a fee. Exchange students should prepare for distance learning at their selected universities. 

More information on THL’s travel restrictions (Link takes you to THL’s website). 

Traffic Light Travel Model Information

The traffic light model helps to assess the risk of covid infection associated with traveling abroad. The model takes into account the government’s travel guidelines. The model divides countries into three categories:

  • In the green category are countries with low covid infection rates, where covid infections are below the government-set threshold of a maximum of 25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants per 14 days.
  • In the red category are countries with high infection rates, where covid infections are more than 25 cases per 100,000 population per 14 days.
  • The gray category includes countries that are a part of the EU’s external border restriction. Avoid unnecessary travel to these countries.

Humak Organized Events During the Spring of 2021

All of Humak’s major events, seminars and events in the spring of 2021 will be organized as an online events / remote connections.

Contact Learning Guidelines

Pre-agreed contact learning will follow the following guidelines:

  • Keeping a safe distance (1 to 2 m)
  • Taking care of hygiene and following face mask recommendations (visors used in sign language and interpreting contact learning)
  • Only attend contact learning when healthy
  • A record of participants will be kept
  • Persons in charge of contact learning must inform the cafeteria how many students are coming

General Information on Internships

During the Autumn semester, the internships take place normally, provided that the organizations providing internships do not cancel them.

  • If you are placed to quarantine, you can’t participate or start training during the quarantine period.
  • If you are ill, have any flu symtoms or are in quarantine, do not visit your work placement’s premises.
  • If you belong to a risk group, consult your own doctor and follow the instructions given by your work placement organization.
  • If you are unsure how to act with regard to corona, contact your own coach or send an e-mail to korona@humak.fi.
  • If the work placement is cancelled, contact your supervising lecturer in order to discuss on the continuation of your studies.
  • If there are people belonging to the risk group in your immediate area, follow the guidelines of their health personnel and the THL.

RDI-activity until the end of the year

  • RDI-activity continues with the remote working recommendation, excluding necessary regional trips, where no larger events are held
  • Starting from 2021, travel permits for project related travel are granted by the project center leader.
  • Remote working recommendation includes student participation in projects
  • Travel for projects are limited to trips that are absolutely necessary. A travel permit is issued by an innovation director. During travel and meetings safety recommendations must be followed.
  • Events and classes must be moved online. If this is not possible, events and classes this is not possible, they must be rescheduled or, in special cases, cancelled.

Information for the Students by the study programmes in Peppi

Instructions for the students on how the studies are organized during the Covid-19 epidemic (in order to read the information, please login to the Peppi)

Task Force’s decision about Erasmus exchange has been updated to this bulletin.

 How I can receive coaching and what kind of mentoring is given?   

  • PDP Study Coach: Every student has her/his own coach who supports and mentors you professionally throughout your studies. You find your own PDP Study Coach in student.peppi.humak.fi (on top-right corner click your name > settings > study information).
  • Study Advisor: Each Humak campus has a designated study advisor (formerly a study coach) whose key responsibilities include helping you if you encounter challenges related to, for example, your study skills, abilities, or progress in your studies. Contact information for study advisors can be found on the Wiki: https://wiki.humak.fi/display/OJOS/Opinto-ohjaajat (the list in Finnish programmes).  AdEd-Students’ Study Councellor in Nurmijärvi Campus is: Jussi Hynninen.
  • Check out the degree student guidance and coaching information, which clarifies the roles of different actors in Humak: https://wiki.humak.fi/display/IE/Degree+students. It allows you to be in touch with the right person depending on your guidance needs. See also Councelling and guidance during the studies: https://wiki.humak.fi/display/IE/Counselling+and+guidance+during+the+studies

For Open UAS Students  

Korona may also affect the studies of the Open University of Applied Sciences. The lecturers responsible for the course or competence unit announce eventual changes in the tasks and methods of completion of the courses in the Open LMS e-learning environment. If you have any questions about completing the course, please contact the lecturer in charge of the course.

For questions related to the Open University of Applied Sciences’ registrations, fees and financing of studies, you can get advice by e-mail at avoinamk@humak.fi or by phone at 0400 349 266 or tel. 0400 349 319.

Student Council HUMAKO’s Online Activities


Student council HUMAKO is hosting a discord server, where all Humak students are welcome. Discord is used for talking, playing games, studying, and spending time with other students. On the Discord server you can meet students from different study programmes and campuses. Come join us on the server! Info on how to join can be found in the eTutor study module here.


Student council HUMAKO’s tutors can be reached online. They offer support in studies and life management, and help with study modules and checking academic credit points. Tutor services are available to all Humak students. You can be in contact with tutors by Hoodle’s eTutor-platform or by email etutor@humako.net

In Hoodle’s forums you can find support and chat with other students. You can also create and answer messages anonymously from the “Anonymous Students” tab, and get responses from tutors and other students fast. In the student breakroom you can start conversations about anything and participate with your own name. Through the tutor living room you can participate in HUMAKO’s Discord server, where you can chat with students and other tutors.

Tutoring is a part of student council HUMAKO’s services.

Instructions for Students in Case of Illness or Exposure

If you get sick (get Covid-19 symptoms) in or after contact

  • If you get corona symptoms during contact teaching, ask your teacher for a face mask. Leave the campus immediately and have a symptom assessment in the OmaOlo service for further instructions.
  • If you get covid-19 symptoms after a day of contact teaching, make a symptom assessment in the OmaOlo service, where you can get further instructions. Authorities will provide guidance on possible follow-up.
  • Do not come in contact teaching if you feel sick or have any symptoms.

If you will be informed that a covid-19 case has been reported in your personal circle

  • If you become aware that a Covid-19  incident has been reported in your immediate area, follow the instructions given by the health authorities.
  • If you are quarantined by the health authorities, you will not be able to come to contact teaching.
  • If you are not quarantined and are asymptomatic, you can participate in contact teaching normally.

A family member / person living in the same household has taken a test or has been booked for a test. How do I proceed before the test result arrives?

  • If you do not have symptoms, you can continue your normal life until you have a test result.
  • If you have symptoms, you will not be able to attend contact teaching.
  • If the result of a family member / person living in the same household is positive, the rest of the family is subject to official quarantine under the Contamination Diseases Act. The quarantine is set by the health authorities.

You are tested positive for Covid-19

  • You act according the instructions given you by the health authorities.

Local Councelling Phones for Covid-19:​

Helsinki: 09 310 10024  ​
Kauniainen: 09 8789 1370 ​
Nurmijärvi: 019 226 0099 ​
Jyväskylä: 014-266 0133
Kuopio: 044 704 6700​
Turku: 02 266 2012

If coronavirus counseling is closed and symptoms suggesting of a corona are mild, wait until the next day. In case of urgent illness, you can contact the national emergency number 116 117, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.