Our earlier announcements can be found in the subsections ’students’ and ’staff’. A new section for Open UAS students was added on 25.3.

 We are actively monitoring the situation; we hope our students and staff will follow our coronavirus updates.

Update 3 April

There have been 1615 official coronavirus cases in Finland. 65 people are currently in intensive care. In total, 19 people have died of the virus.

Student financial aid: the financial aid is offered normally. If your studies do not progress due to the unusual circumstances, the financial aid can cease before you have completed all necessary courses. If that happens, ask your educational institute for a statement of what happened with your studies and why. When your student benefits are about to end, you can apply for an extension at Kela’s online service.

Update 2 April

The joint application period ended yesterday and went well despite the exceptional circumstances. In total, Humak UAS received 3721 applications, 1399 of which were primary applications. The total number of applicants is higher than in previous years. This makes us feel hopeful about things to come.

Tomorrow, the staff morning webinar will include a general update from the principal, a visualization of our strategy, and other timely announcements.


Finnish people abroad are urged to return to Finland as soon as possible. All Humak students abroad have been contacted. People returning to Finland from other countries should stay in their own homes for a quarantine period of two weeks. Traveling to Finland has been limited and further restrictions on public activities will be announced soon.

Meetings will be held online. All Humak campuses are closed. More information in the subsections for students and staff.

Please avoid crowds and unnecessary lingering in public spaces to prevent the spread of the virus.

Be careful with scams and fake news. Humak’s IT services will not ask anyone to change their password through links sent by email.



IT guidelines and instructions for online teaching can be found on our public website to make the information easier to find. https://www.humak.fi/en/uutiset/humak-updates-on-the-corona-situation/.



Implementation of preparation plans:

  • Crisis task force: coordination, general instructions and announcements
  • Chief officers: implementation of preparation plans
  • Managers: implementation of preparation plans for focus groups and services
  • Team leaders: implementation of preparation plans for focus groups with the local team



UAS level communication responsibilities:​

  • Principal (249): decisions/the board/public officials
  • Communications Manager (333): external and internal announcements
  • Security Director (393): instructions/deputy/colleges

For advice (Humak staff and students): korona@humak.fi. The messages will be replied to between 9-15.

Urgent matters: contact your own supervisor/HEKS coach.



  • Internal announcement, the primary channel being the news story on our website, which will be updated every morning.
  • Humak Peppi/Tuudo
  • In urgent matters: Humak text messaging service



Entrance exams will be organized in some possible manner. We are monitoring the situation. New instructions will be announced in the future. Their purpose is to ensure the continuity of institutes of higher education and the equal treatment of all applicants during these exceptional times.



There has been a briefing for students on 24.3. in Finnish and in 25.3. in English.

We hope our students remain active despite of the unusual conditions. Humak staff will help you to the best of their ability. Please don’t hesitate to contact your lecturers/instructors for advice.

The situation is challenging and it requires:

  • Patience and common sense
  • Adherence to given instructions
  • Helping those who have an even harder time than ourselves
  • Remaining updated on the latest announcements

Despite of the situation, it is advisable to keep studying and try to graduate on time. Things will go back to normal and those with a degree will have an advantage in the job market. You may continue improving your skills e.g. by signing up for relevant study courses at our Open UAS.



Kela’s update on the situation: https://www.kela.fi/web/en/corona.



– The person responsible for the study course: timetables, the progression of the course, learning assignments

– HEKS coach: questions about your personal study plan

– Study coach: workshops, on-call times, call/message and the study course ’otetta opintoihin’

Thesis grading: if the situation affects thesis work, the grading will be assessed individually.

The study coaches hope that all students remain active with their studies in spite of the circumstances. They will support and help you as best as they can. Please don’t hesitate to contact your lecturers/instructors for advice, their job is to help you!

Study coach workshops will be organized according to the curriculum via Zoom. The link can be found from your curriculum under paja-tunti, or by requesting it from your coach by email. The study coaches will include a designated on-call time in their own curricula. You can also set up a virtual meeting with your study coach by email or phone (cultural management: also Teams). You can also call or send a message even if you do not have a meeting planned.

In addition to the workshops, the curricula now include the Otetta opintoihin study modules. You can attend these modules to work on your studies or talk about your studies together with other students.

Your own study coach: (firstname.lastname@humak.fi).



Students can apply for an exchange period for the autumn semester 2020. International internships can begin soon as the travel restrictions end.



Online teaching began on 17.3. as planned. Unavoidable contact teaching: by separate agreement.

We are prepared for the remote studying to continue until the end of the academic year, i.e. until summer.



Kela has briefed student restaurants directly.

The restaurant and reception at the Nurmijärvi campus will remain open for the rest of this week for residents. After 27.3. they will be closed as well.



Ask your internship provider if you can finish your internship. If there is no issue, you can continue the internship according to the provider’s instructions.


If the internship gets cancelled

Usually the student must complete 30 ECTS of internships, but the majority of students complete more than that. If the student has completed more than the required 30 ECTS, they will primarily be guided to complete regular studies instead.

If the student has completed half or more of their internship and the internship is terminated, the intended learning outcomes can be supplemented with substitutive assignments.

If the student is not about to graduate shortly, the internship can be continued later. In this case, the part of the internship can be marked as partially completed.

Due to the unusual circumstances, Humak may provide additional courses for students, tailored to meet individual needs.

The instructors will, in cooperation with the student, develop ’’creative solutions’’ to theses to ensure that they progress despite of the situation.

The instruction of students will be given special emphasis. The time freed up by the cancelled contact teaching will be used to make the instruction of students more effective.

If you have questions about your internship, please contact the lecturer responsible for signing your internship contract.


New internships will become available at Humak’s RDI projects

Humak now offers new internship opportunities at our RDI projects to improve students’ chances to complete practical internships during these unprecedented times. Furthermore, the staff is currently working out some topics for RDI-related theses. Both internships and thesis opportunities will be announced on Peppi from 26 March onward.

In the first stage, there will be approximately 20 chances for internships and theses, but more will be made available in time. The selection will prioritize students who need internships to ensure their graduation. The internships will be done as remote work. We hope this helps the students who have lost their internship- or thesis opportunities due to the pandemic.


Internship contracts

Confirming a new or revised internship contract is done by email. The student will send the contract to the lecturer responsible for the internship and the internship provider/instructor, both of whom will accept the contract via email. There is no need for a manual signature. Humak is currently working on an electronic signature system, which will possibly be utilized in the signing of internship contracts.



The student services staff is working from home, so the student offices on our premises will be closed. Office services will continue working remotely.

If you need a certificate of your studies, be prepared for a delay. You can get proof of your studies at https://opintopolku.fi/koski/.

  • The student office can be reached by email at opintotoimisto@humak.fi and by phone: 029 451 9253 (9-11 and 13-15)
  • If you need remote guidance (e.g. with eAhot, Peppi, etc.) you can call or send email to set up an appointment.

Library operations will decrease substantially. All physical premises are closed, but services are available online. Please see: https://humak.finna.fi/. The informaticians will help you with retrieval. More info: kirjasto@humak.fi.

Student health care: check your local health care provider’s website. Links on Wiki: https://wiki.humak.fi/display/OPHYV/Terveydenhuolto.



HUMAKO’s eTutor online service helps you manage with your studies and life in general. You can contact eTutors on Moodle or by email etutor@humako.net.

On Moodle, you can converse with other students online. You can create anonymous conversations and respond to them at ’’Anonymous Students’’ and receive a response from others in no time. You can also participate in conversations using your real name.




Erasmus+ exchange periods starting in spring 2020 will be cancelled and already ongoing exchange periods may be discontinued. Students whose exchange periods will be discontinued will be entitled to the first part (80%) of the grant. If students wants to continue their exchange periods, the instructions of the receiving university or receiving internship organisation will apply.

ECTS credit earnings affected by discontinued exchange periods will be taken into consideration when assessing the progression of the studies.

For the time being, students will not be sent to other countries for international internships.



  • Stay updated on Peppi and Humak’s website.
  • The lecturers will provide you information about courses Follow BB Open LMS actively.
  • Contact your HEKS coach if you are unsure about your studies.
  • General advice: korona@humak.fi



Studying at Humak Open UAS during a lay-off or unemployment


The lecturers may receive questions from Open UAS students who have been laid of for become unemployed about how to proceed their studies or finish them at a later date.

The student must contact the TE-office to find out how Open UAS studies affect their unemployment benefits. If the office views the studies as part-time studies or accepts individual studies during unemployment benefits, the student can continue studying at the Open UAS during unemployment.

Open UAS students can contact the student office: avoinamk@humak.fi or 0400 349 319 or 0400 349 266, if they have any questions about their benefits.

Open UAS students

If you lose your job or get laid off, make sure how studying at Open UAS affects your unemployment benefits. Further information (in Finnish):

If there are changes to the study courses, the lecturer responsible for the course will announce them on BB Open LMS.

For questions about Open UAS studies, sign-ups, payments, etc.: avoinamk@humak.fi or by phone: 0400 349 266 or 0400 349 319.



Members of staff are encouraged to work at home, if only possible. You may work at home without any separate agreement.

The employer’s statutory accident insurance is also valid when working at work. The insurance only covers situations that are directly connected to work. The accident insurance does not cover cases that happens during breaks, for instance when the employee moves around at home.

The employees themselves are responsible for insurances covering equipment that is not provided by Humak. Humak is responsible for insurances covering equipment provided to the staff.



Members of staff are responsible for making sure they are able to work from home under all circumstances. Computer, company phone and their chargers need to be at hand, both at work and at home. Make sure to bring your work equipment with you.



All work trips, both national and international are cancelled and no new travel plans will be approved. Please check with the event organizer whether it is possible to attend the event online.

Meetings hosted by Humak will be organised online.



Humak internal meetings between representatives from different campuses will be held online. Meetings between representatives from the same campus can still be arranged as face-to-face meetings, respecting a safety distance of minimum 1 meter between the participants.

Participant lists with the names of the people attending the same event will be archived according to the instructions below. The person responsible for the participant list is the person who convenes the meeting.



Cancellation of international events may have caused costs that the participant is not able to claim from the travel agent nor insurance company. If this situation occur, please contact Timo Sorvoja by e-mail, timo.sorvoja@humak.fi. Be prepared to submit documents showing that your claim has been denied.



Do not come to work. Inform your supervisor by phone about your situation immediately. The supervisor may grant permission to be absent for up to 5 days. The weekend days are included. If you are still feeling ill after 5 days, due to the exceptional situation, Humak does not require a doctor’s certificate for illnesses that last longer than 5 days, but you need to contact the health services by phone or online services.

Sick leave longer than 10 days require a doctor’s certificate. You need to inform your supervisor about the situation and also fill in the information in Sympa.


Opening hours on our premises

The entirety of Humak staff and students are now working from home. Staff members can pick up their equipment from their workplaces during this week. However, only those people who have made separate arrangements with their supervisor can work/visit their workplace if needed. These people include e.g. student affairs secretaries 1-2 times per week, informaticians, interpreters performing their teaching skills tests.

The students will primarily be studying online as our campuses will be closed. You can read more detailed instructions below the Students subheading.

Alkio College

  • premises: open, staff can pick up work equipment during this week
  • restaurant: closed
  • library: closed (open for staff)


  • premises: open for now, staff can pick up work equipment during this week
  • restaurant: open for now
  • library: open for now, might be closed soon


  • premises: open for now, staff can pick up work equipment during this week
  • restaurant: open during this week and the next week; if you intend to eat there, you need to sign-up (binding) on the day before via email to yhteinen@kio.fi, lunch served for students and staff at 11.30 AM
  • library: closed

Paasikivi College

  • premises: will be closed on 17 March. Staff can pick up work equipment during this week.
  • restaurant: closed
  • library: closed

Pohjois-Savo College

  • premises: will be closed on 17 March. Staff can pick up work equipment during this week.
  • restaurant: closed
  • library: closed

Valkea talo

  • premises: open for now. Staff can pick up work equipment during this week.
  • restaurant: closed
  • library: closed


  • premises: open, Humak’s doors will be locked; staff can pick up work equipment during this week.
  • library: closed

RDI-center, ICT City and SparkUp, Turku

  • premises: SparkUp is closed, TurkuAMK; staff can pick up work equipment during this week
  • restaurant: Unica Linus (at ICT City) serves lunch

 RDI-center, Novapolis, Kuopio

  • premises: open for now, staff can pick up work equipment during this week
  • restaurant: Restaurant Bistro will close on 18 March, other restaurants are open with shorter opening hours



Coronavirus typical symptoms.


According to the Finnish Institute for Health and Wellness (or THL in Finnish), the risk groups are:

  • People that are 70+ years old
  • People with one of the following long-term illness:
    • A heart condition that requires regular medication (not including mild hypertension)
    • A respiratory condition (e.g. asthma that requires regular medication)
    • Diabetes that requires regular medication
    • A chronic hypofunction of the liver or kidneys
    • A medical condition that weakens the immune system, for instance leukemia, lymphoma, HIV-infection.
    • A medical condition that requires treatment that weakens the immune system (organ transplant, chemotherapy, TNF-alpha blockers, corticosteroid >15 mg/day for longer than 2 weeks, and other treatments weakening the immune system)
    • A chronic neurological disorder
    • Obesity (BMI / Body Mass Index over 40)
    • People who smoke daily



Corona virus may cause a respiratory infection. Symptoms may be cough, sour throat, fever, dyspnoea (shortness of breath) myalgia (muscle ache) and headache. If you have any of the symptoms, stay at home and call the number 116 117 for further information.

The help centers are currently overloaded with calls. For information, please consult the web page of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare or the web page of your local health care provider. If you are not a part of a risk group or experience only mild symptoms, you do not need to contact your health care provider. In these cases, there is no requirement for an official diagnosis made by a doctor. Please stay home and rest until all of your symptoms have vanished.


Follow the instructions of the authorities and Humak. Everyone carry their individual responsibility for preventing the spread of the epidemic. The most efficient way to prevent the spread of the virus is to practice good hand hygiene and to avoid physical contact with other people. Also keep a safety distance of minimum 1 meter to other people.

THL:n käsienpesuohje englanniksi kuvina.

Try to avoid public events and when sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth and nose with the upper part of your arm. Dispose used paper tissues.

Use your sleeve. If possible use disposable napkin. Throw the napking in to the carbage pin and wash your hands.

Do not enter public spaces nor be in contact with other people if you feel ill.

Wash your hands frequently.