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We have arranged an additional change to apply for Bachelor’s Degree in Adventure and Outdoor Education (Community Educator, Bachelor of Humanities, 210 ECTS) programme starting in Autumn 2018. The last chance to appy for the next study year is starting on Monday 2nd July and ends on the 16th July at 3 PM Finnish time. Applications should be sent through Studyinfo.

Application includes a pretask, a motivation letter which has to be sent by the 30 July 11 PM (Finnish time) and an aptitude interview. Interviews are arranged over the internet and applicants are invited to it with their own individual time. You’ll find the exact application procedure in our webpage (Eligibility and Application -subpage and parts Application + Admission:

Community educators with adventure educational orientation can be employed e.g. in the field of youth work, organizational work, education and training, well-being services, or nature- and adventure-based entrepreneurship.

See the presentation video of the Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor and Adventure Education (YouTube, Humak).

Experiential learning in authentic environments

Adventure education aims to support the growth, development, well-being and agency of individuals, groups and communities through adventure-based activities. As the basis of the studies is a multidisciplinary theoretical framework, which is put into practice in versatile authentic learning environments, such as lakes, the sea, forests, and in the fells and wilderness of Lapland. During the studies, students learn to plan and carry out safe adventure educational processes for different target groups and to evaluate and develop adventure educational activities.

Bachelor adventure and outdoor education

Students skiing in Lapland, Northern Finland.

In the degree programme in Adventure and Outdoor Education students strengthen their expertise in technical and outdoor skills and especially their competence in instructing and teaching them. Students may also focus on one or more adventure educational activities and become specialists in them.

“During the studies, students familiarise themselves with different adventure and outdoor activities, especially hiking, trekking, paddling and climbing, including general outdoor skills. They also learn technical knowledge and skills related to the different activities. All the skills will be practiced first in easy conditions, and as learning proceeds, in more demanding conditions. Students learn how to instruct adventure and outdoor activities as part of an adventure educational process”, says principal lecturer Anita Saaranen-Kauppinen.

“This is not extreme sports. The aim is to train professionals who are highly skilled in instructing various groups safely. Adventure doesn’t need to take place at some glacier in Northern Norway, for instance. A skilled adventure and outdoor educator can create an adventure even in everyday circumstances, for example at sports hall”, says Humak’s long-standing adventure and outdoor education lecturer Kai Lehtonen.

The First Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Adventure and Outdoor Education in Finland

In Finland, several associations and educational institutions have organised courses in adventure and outdoor education over the years. However, Humak UAS is the only university of applied sciences which has offered adventure and outdoor education in extensive study modules. Open UAS studies in adventure and outdoor education at Humak have been very popular. At the moment the open UAS courses are offered in Finnish.

Tammisaaren kansallispuisto
One of the learning environments: Ekenäs Archipelago National Park – voted many times as the most beautiful archipelago in the world.

Community Educator (BH), Adventure and Outdoor Education, is a bachelor’s degree programme within the field of Humanities and Education. It is the first bachelor’s degree programme in Adventure and Outdoor Education in Finland.

The teaching language of the degree programme is English, enabling students to work in an international environment. For non-native Finnish speakers, Finnish will be taught as part of the curriculum and students will be encouraged to continue their Finnish studies all through the programme in order to equip them with language skills to meet the demands of the Finnish labour market.

The studies are full-time day studies, including summer semesters. A good part of the studies will be conducted as supervised internships, excursions and projects in Finland or abroad. “Internships and cooperation projects in working-life contexts are an essential part of developing students’ knowledge and skills”, says principal lecturer Anita Saaranen-Kauppinen.

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