Teksti: Bac­he­lor’s Deg­ree in Ad­ven­tu­re  and Out­door Edu­ca­tion  Bachelor’s Degree in Adventure and Outdoor Education, (Community Educator, Bachelor of Humanities, 210 ECTS).

The first joint application period for university courses starting in Autumn 2021 is underway. Adventure and Outdoor Education (Community Educator, Bachelor of Humanities, 210 ECTS) is a part of Humak provided degree programmes.

The English-language degree programme in adventure education is carried out primarily on the campus at Nurmijärvi, in internship places and study trips throughout the Nordic countries. The studies last about three and a half years.

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Learn More About Adventure Education From a Book – Read Online or Order Your Own

At the beginning of 2020, Humak published a book titled “Adventure Education in Finland – Pedagogical and Didactic Perspectives”.

The work opens broadens the perspective on the theory and practice of directing adventure education activities. The collection of articles has been edited by Seppo J.A. Karppinen, Maarit Marttila and Anita Saaranen-Kauppinen.

The work is bilingual (Finnish and English) and contains articles on adventure education from a total of 23 authors. Some of the English-language articles have been written by British, American and Australian educators and researchers who have a special relationship with Finland and its nature, people and adventure education. A summary of all articles in the publication is also provided in both Finnish and English.

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