Higher education institutions, who are educating youth workers, are highly aware that they have a significant role in the development of the youth work field.

It is essential to give opportunities for students, for the future youth workers, to build up more quality and sustainability in youth work – on local, national, European & global level.

Youth Work eLearning Partnership

Due to the demand of developing this work field, universities and universities of applied sciences are committed to share their good practices and experiences.

One current example of that valuable work is Youth Work eLearning Partnership that launched the results at the Maynooth University on 30.08.2019.

During the last two and a half year partners from Maynooth University (Irland), Ulster University (North-Irland UK), Victoria University (Australia), Tallinn University (Estonia) and Humak University of Applied Sciences (Finland) have been working tight together in the purpose to develop the youth work.

Partners of Youth Work eLearning met at the Maynooth University. In the middle the Leading Lady of the Partnership Dr Hilary Tierney. To the left from her (in black) are members from Humak Sari Höylä, Emilia Reponen ja Eeva Sinisalo-Juha.

The visible results of this cooperation are on the web page


These pages are open for all.

On Youth Work and You – pages you can find digital curriculum materials on five contemporary youth work themes:

  • Communicating Youth Work
  • Youth Participation and Non-formal Learning in Youth Work
  • Ethics and Human Rights in Professional Youth Work
  • Youth Work in Diverse Societies
  • Youth Work in the Digital World

More about this partnership and fruitful cooperation, please get to know the web page: YouthWorkAndYou.org

This work has gotten financial support from Erasmus+ Youth –programme KA2.

And you may contact at Humak

Sari Höylä
Senior Lecturer
sari.hoyla@humak.fi, +358 400 349 376