FUTURE LABS – New Digital and Social Innovative Tools for Youth Work

The main idea of Future Labs project is established for: common trainings, hands-on approach, sharing the knowledge on online and offline methods to improve the competences of youth workers by increasing their capacity to innovate in their daily work and also by mainstreaming already existing innovative methodologies (such as Digital Storytelling, Gamification, Learning Experience Design, among others). Our general aim is to rise the quality of international youth work practices and contribute to the modernisation od NGO’s by creating an innovation eco-system that allow organisations and individuals to discover innovative approaches and new methods – both online and off-line – and to learn how to apply them to emerging issues.

Following the specific objectives are:

1) capacitate youth workers in digitalization and in social innovation

2) test new approaches with young people in a co-creative manner

3) evaluate, adapt and spread the tools wider in the European youth work community. In addition a secondary object is to strengthen the cooperation among partners and that way to enhance the horizontal and transnational exchange of experiences from the grass root level to the network level.

Verkkosivu: www.futurelabs.humak.fi
Hankkeen esittelyvideo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kbN8oGjjYM
Linkit muihin somekanaviin: https://www.facebook.com/groups/291186134779198/
Projektipäällikkö: Kari Keuru
Sähköposti: kari.keuru@humak.fi
Matkapuhelinnumero: +358400349228
Hankeaika (päivämäärinä): 01.09.2017 – 31.08.2019
Partnerit: HaMoment CRL (Portugal)
Associazione Agrado (Italy)
Nuoriso- ja matkailukeskus Hyvärilä Oy (Finland)
Anev (Czech Republic)
Youthwatch (Slovakia)
Pina (Slovenia)
TeamMAIS (Portugal)
Rahoittaja: Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
Budjetti (hanke kokonaisuudessaan/Humak): 187 297 €/41 600 €
Vahvuusala: Nuorisotyö ja yhteisöllisyys