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Do You Have a Need to Develop Your Organization?
Humak University of Applied Sciences is an expert in NGO and Youth Work, Cultural Management and Creative Industries and in Sign Language Interpretation. If you have a smaller development project in our areas suitable for the student as his/her 30 ECTS (approx 810 hours) or 20 ECTS development project, please contact us either filling this form or taking personally contact with us. All projects are performed in guidance with our professional staff.
In addition to written thesis the project often includes a concrete worklife product benefiting your organization. It can be interpretation, study material, manual or instructions for activities.
It is normal to offer a honorary fee or hire the student for some period of the thesis/development project. It has an clear effect to motivation of the student and the quality of the work.
Best regards,
NGO and Youth Work, Reijo Viitanen, reijo.viitanen@humak.fi, 020 7621 265
Cultural Management Arto Lindholm, arto.lindholm@humak.fi, 020 7621 386
Sign Language Interpreting, Päivi Rainò, paivi.raino@humak.fi, 020 7621 298