Organizing international seminari is good practice

Yli sata osallistujaa eri puolilta Eurooppaa on parhaillaan kokoontunut Humakin TKI-keskukseen Helsinkiin ESOSLI-kokoukseen. ESOSLI on eurooppalainen viittomakielialan opiskelijoiden organisaatio. Helsingin kokouksen teemana on viittomakielen tulevaisuus.

Lue alta englanninkielinen uutinen tapahtumasta.

The Future of Sign Language Interpreting is Here!

European students of sign language interpreting gather together every other year to network and share thoughts. This year the ESOSLI conference takes place in Finland for the first time.

More than 100 participants from eight countries all over Europe get together in May 12th to 15th 2016 in the Light House in Helsinki, which is the main headquarters for Finnish Association of the Deaf among many other organizations connected to sign language, e.g. Humak University of Applied Sciences that is one of the two university-level educators in the field of sign language and interpreting in Finland.

Kuopion tulkkiopiskelijat tuottivat kansainvälisen ESOSLIn
The production team of EOSLI from left to right: Anni Lappalainen, Iida Huotari, Tanja Lähtevänoja, Emilia Tuuliaho, Annika Taskinen, Anniina Salminen and Teemu Myöhänen

From students to students

—The idea is to create an event that takes into consideration the needs and views of the students – to combine information and learning with having fun, says Emilia Tuuliaho, one of the main organizers, who has prepared the conference since the former conference in Utrecht in 2014. In all,  a group of seven Humak´s 4th and 3rd year students of interpreting from Kuopio have organized the conference. Some of them do this as a study project, as part of their studies.

The contribution of the sponsors is essential

One of the central questions is how to organize the interpreting during an international conference. In ESOSLI Conference language is international sign and spoken English.

—We are happy that many companies and other organizations have supported the ESOSLI conference in Finland, says Emilia. —We have got support from Mukul Pradhan, Humak, the folk high school of the deaf, Mokoma, Pressa, SVT – Finnish Association of Sign Language Interpreters, Viparo, and Via. They have made it possible to carry out this conference.

Future is the key word in the programme

The programme of the conference consists of lectures kept by professionals in the field of sign language and also many interesting and instructive workshops. This all from the futures point of view. Some topics of the workshops: Working with Deaf Immigrants, Finnish Sign Language, SLI Studies around Europe, Deafblindness…

The future of sign language interpreting is discussed also during the free programmes: Helsinki City tour, Sign night, picnic in Suomenlinna.

The programme of EOSLI 2016

Read more about the organizing crew of ESOSLI2016

You can find here an interview where Emilia tells more about the making of EOSLI (in Finnish)

Marjukka Nisula lecturing on new c ustomers of the SL interpreters
Humak´s Senior Lecturer Marjukka Nisula talked about future and the new customers of interpreter in her presentation on May 12th.