Humak Hosts SocNet98 International University Week About Courage and Innovation in Social and Youth Work

Humak takes an active part in international activities, such as SocNet98, an international network of universities and universities of applied sciences. Next week Humak will host one of the International University Weeks (IUW) for the first time. SocNet98 was first founded in 1998 and it includes universities from 13 different countries across Europe. For more information about SocNet98, visit their website.

International University Week (IUW)

Member universities host several International University Weeks every year in April.  During these weeks, students and lecturers from all partner universities come together for an international academic and cultural exchange week. The conference program is built on the input of attending lecturers, students and guests. The conference topics are suggested by the hosting universities.

This year Humak is one of the IUW organizers on 19th – 22nd April 2021. This IUW will take place online and the hosting country is Finland, the hosting city is Turku. Humak’s IUW focuses on social and youth work. View Humak’s IUW timetable from below, see a more specified timetable from Humak’s SocNet website.

Courage and Innovations in Social and Youth Work. SocNet98 – A European Network of Social Work Universities. 19.4. – 22.4.2021. Monday April 19, 9-10 am. Opening of the IUW. Welcome to Turku Finland. Getting to know each other and testing groups. 10-11 am. Two inspirational speeches for the week. 11-11.30 am. Break. 11.30-13. Practical info for the week and online activities. Universities’ presentations by Pecha Kucha method. 13.30 pm Opening online student room. Tuesday April 20. 9-9.15 am. Opening the day together, and starting online activities. 9.15-10.30 am. Two parallel workshops. 10.30 - 10.45 am. break. 10.45 - 12 am Two parallel workshops. 12-13 pm lunch. 13-13.20 pm fieldtrip. 13.20-14.30 pm Humak’s workshop for everyone together: you are live – switcher studio. Wednesday April 21. 9-9.30 am. Starting online presence together. 9.30-10 am three parallel lectures. 10-10.30 am online conversation. 10.30-10.45 break. 10.45-12.00 three parallel workshops. 12-12.45 lunch. 12.45-14.00 two parallel workshops. 14.00-16.00 program in student room or staff. Thursday April 22. 9.00-11am taste of local innovative cases. 11-12 final ceremony. All programme is planned and organized as participatory, and we facilitate networking. Online activities organized by Humak students. Innovative cases from the field. Schedule according to central European time CET.
Timetable for Humak’s IUW.

IUW is About Networking and Sharing ideas

Like in previous International University Weeks, we would like to offer good learning experiences, short lectures, interesting workshops with interactive elements and time to get to know each other. We will introduce the hosting city, facilitate meetings with local service providers, and professionals in youth and social work are essential parts of our programme. Free time activities for students and the visiting lecturers will be offered during the IUW as well.

Youth work is one of Humak’s focus areas and also the theme of Humak’s International University week. Within the last decade youth work has become more important than ever, and the role of youth workers and counselors has become more prominent in society. One of Humak’s focus areas is social sciences and youth work, and as a part of our Community Educator degree, we train new generations of community educator students in various fields of youth work.