Reseach and development

Research and development form one of the basic duties of Humak. Their purpose is to develop instruction at the university and to serve the needs of the labour market. Professionally oriented research and development in civic and NGO activities, cultural management and sign language, which is based on working-life needs enables Humak to respond flexibly to changes in competence requirements in these sectors.

At Humak, research and development work is focused on the following:

  • Applied research, which is based on the results of basic research and which involves the development of new practical applications, procedures or problem-solving methods
  • Innovative practical development aimed at generating new social innovation and renewing existing operating models

As the leading educator in its fields, Humak is actively engaged in developing the fields of civic and NGO activities, youth work, cultural management and sign language. Humak works in close cooperation with companies and organizations operating in its fields of expertise. National advisory boards for labour relations are important forums for interaction between the educational sector and the labour market.

Humak cooperates closely with the labour market through the implementation and continuous development of pedagogical innovation in work placement both in Finland and abroad. Work placement offers students an opportunity to establish connections and carry out thesis projects and project studies in the labour market. Representatives of the labour market, unions and research organizations have a strong presence in research and development projects and as experts consulted in instruction.


Director Kimmo Kumlander
kimmo [dot] kumlander [at] humak [dot] fi
tel. +358 20 7621 208