Information About Humak

Yksitoista iloista piirrettyä hahmoa on sulloutunut sateelta suojaan saman sateenvarjon alle.

Humak in a Nutshell

Humak is a national university of applied sciences that operates almost everywhere in Finland. Humak has 2,200 degree students and about 160 experts in various positions. In just over 25 years, 5,400 experts in their fields have graduated from Humak. The core of our strategy is to strengthen the expertise of our fields through training, RDI activities and services. Our offices are located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (Helsinki, Kauniainen and Nurmijärvi), Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Turku. Thanks to our extensive online training, we offer degree-leading training in practice throughout Finland.

We produce competence together with others. We want to ally with partners and contribute to communities who have the same interest in developing expertise.


Our Strengths and Contact Personnel

Humak’s operations consist of three profit centers which are divided into focus areas that develop the expertise of their industries. The primary contact persons for our focus areas and profit centers are listed below. You can also ask them about a possible contact person in your area.

Focus areas:

Organisation – Contact Info

Personnel emails are
Humak’s official email (services)

Below you’ll find our contact personnel. Contact persons responsible for the field you’re question pertains.

President, CEO Jukka Määttä, tel. 0400 349 249.
Contact CEO Jukka Määttä through Emilia Gieda, tel. 050 4783 515 (

Helsinki Campus:
Ilkantie 4

Student services:

+358 29 451 9253 (ma–to 9–11 ja 13–15)

Admissions office:
Ilkantie 4, 00400 Helsinki
+358 29 451 9300 (ma–pe 9–11 ja 13–15 during application periods)

Libary Services:

Information Specialist Anna-Kaisa Sjölund
Humak, Turku campus, Harjattulantie 80, 20960 Turku
num. 0400 349 395

Information Specialist Liisa Saavalainen
Humak, Kuopio campus, Kansanopistotie 32, 70800 Kuopio
num. 050 518 8512

Information Specialist Anne Holappa
Humak, Helsingin campus, Ilkantie 4, 00400 Helsinki
num. 050 467 8 405

Library: contact information
Projects: view focus area representatives
Information management:

Humak University of Applied Sciences

The Ministry of Education and the administrator of the University of Applied Sciences, together with the University of Applied Sciences, agree on the goals to be set for the University of Applied Sciences’ activities and their monitoring, as well as key development projects.

Humak University of Applied Sciences complies with the Finnish Companies Act.

List of shareholders 1.1.2015

  • Alkio-opiston kannatusyhdistys ry
  • Kuurojen liitto ry
  • Paasikiviopistoyhdistys ry
  • Pohjois-Savon Kansanopistoseura ry
  • Palkansaajien koulutussäätiö sr
  • Työväen Akatemian Kannatusosakeyhtiö

Contact Info

Suomen Humanistinen Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy
Ilkantie 4, 00400 Helsinki

Humak Managing Director
Jukka Määttä

Board of Directors

  • Mikko Koskinen, puheenjohtaja, Työväen Akatemian Kannatusosakeyhtiö, mikko.ja.koskinen(at)
  • Heikki Sarso, varapuheenjohtaja, Paasikiviopistoyhdistys ry, heikki.sarso(at)
  • Ari-Pekka Lundén, varapuheenjohtaja, Palkansaajien koulutussäätiö sr, ari-pekka.lunden(at)
  • Eevi Kurtti, Pohjois-Savon Kansanopistoseura ry, eevi.kurtti(at)
  • Jaana Laitila, Alkio-opiston kannatusyhdistys ry, jaana.laitila(at)
  • Susanna Silberstein, Kuurojen liitto ry, susanna.silberstein(at)
  • Tero Lämsä, henkilöstön edustaja, tero.lamsa(at)
  • Eero Kiuru, opiskelijoiden edustaja, eero.kiuru(at)

Financial Statements 2015–2019

Humak’s financial statements by year: