Application Instructions for Master's Degrees

Raidallinen kukkaruukku, josta kasvaa kolmilehtinen kasvi.

This page updates the application instructions for current master’s degrees. However, you can find the most comprehensive descriptions of the application, eligibility and selection criteria from the Studyinfo website.

Community Educator (Master’s Degree)

Application period 17.3.-31.3.2021. Students will be selected online based on a entrance exams to be held on Monday, May 24, 2021. The online selection test examines motivation, interest in the field and the ability to apply what you read.

Basic Education Requirements

You can apply to study, if you have:

  • UAS degree in humanities and education or related field (social field, sports, tourism, catering and economics, culture, social sciences, business and administration, theater expression director, occupational therapist, dance teacher)
  • or a degree from a university in the above fields (for example, a Bachelor of Arts or Master of Philosophy; Bachelor of Science or Master of Social Sciences; Bachelor of
  • Science or Master of Science; Bachelor of Science or Master of Science; Master of Science Master of Arts)
  • or you have a Bachelor of Laws or a Master of Laws;
  • or you have completed one of the foreign degrees corresponding to the above degrees

AND you have

  • at least two years’ professional experience acquired after obtaining an eligible qualification.

In addition to the above-mentioned degrees, eligibility can also be obtained through an older professional higher education degree corresponding to the above-mentioned fields, which was mainly completed in the 1990s.

Work experience requirement

Eligibility requires 24 months (two years) of work experience gained after the completion of the degree.

More information

Humak’s admission services, email: hakijapalvelut(at) ja telephone +358 29 451 9300