Cultural Manager (Bachelor's Degree)

Application Instructions
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We Do Not Offer Degree Programmes in English in the Cultural Manager Programme

Currently Humak is not offering degrees in English in Cultural Manager programme. There is a selection of short courses available in our Open UAS and in Erasmus+ Exchance Programme.

A Cultural Manager is a Multidisciplinary Expert

A cultural manager (bachelor’s degree) builds networks, organises, develops their chosen field and work environment in their home countries as well as internationally. Cultural managers further the fields of art and culture and work across industry boundaries. They manage projects, digital event production and business administration processes. At Humak you can study to be a cultural manager either as full-time studies or fully online.

The Professional Skills of Cultural Managers

A cultural manager graduating from Humak:

  • knows how to produce and market various cultural and art events
  • understands the principles of financing and business
  • is an expert at networking and cooperation and is able to use their skills to further cultural and art collaboration
  • is an expert producer

Humak also emphasizes social impact, internationalization and working life development skills.

What Does a Cultural Manager Do?

Cultural management professionals are needed in culture and art events. They can work in organisations as culture and art project designers and leaders, as well as in national cultural management. The work of cultural managers is very varied. A cultural manager is an expert at project management, and has a deep understanding of creative business and entrepreneurship.

A cultural manager may work under the following titles

  • producer, cultural manager, manager, agent
  • organisation and culture secretary, theatre secretary
  • executive director, office manager
  • project manager, project coordinator, project producer
  • event producer, production assistant, marketing planner
  • culture and creative field entrepreneur, freelance producer

Humak also offers master’s degree level cultural manager studies for those who have completed the bachelor’s degree and have at least two years prior work experience in cultural fields. The master’s degree emphasises the cultural manager’s ability to lead collaborative development processes in cultural fields for the purpose of research & development work as well as working life projects.

Employment Options

The employment rate of Humak’s cultural managers is higher than the average employment rate in the cultural fields. The average employment rate of cultural fields is 63% (Finnish National Agency for Education statistics). In order to raise the employment rate the Finnish government decreased the amount of starting positions in cultural fields in 2013. The employment rate of cultural managers:

  • Cultural manager, (Bachelor’s degree) 81,1%
  • Cultural manager (Master’s degree) 91,6%

Wage Levels of Cultural Managers

The wage level of Cultural managers (bachelor’s degree) fluctuates based on the job. The gross salary median of bachelor’s degree cultural managers is 2427 € per month.

Bachelor’s degree graduates can complete master’s level degrees in Humak after at least two years of prior work experience in cultural fields. Master’s level degrees prepare students for demanding development and management work. The required skill level is reflected in wages, the gross salary median of master’s degree graduates is 3163 € per month.

*)Employment and salary information is based on a survey sent to Humak alumnis who graduated between 2007 – 2013. Salaries reflect the median gross salary of full-time jobs.