Cultural Manager (Master's Degree)

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Programme is offered only in Finnish. 

The Cultural Manager (Master’s) degree emphasizes the ability of a cultural manager to lead collaborative development processes in the creative industry. Changes in working life have been taken into account in the study contents by linking their contents to projects carried out by the university in cooperation with working life. The degree also includes working in multidisciplinary environments, which is supported in part by the implementation of the degree in collaboration with Humak’s Community Educator Training (Master’s Degree).

Cultural Manager (Master’s Degree)

  • Degree title: Cultural Manager (Master’s Degree)
  • Extent of education: 60 ECTS
  • Planned duration: 1 year
  • Language of instruction: Finnish

Teaching Methods

The degree of Cultural Manager (Master’s) is 60 ECTS. Half of the degree consists of a thesis, which is a working life development project.

The teaching method used is multimodal teaching, which consists of contact and online teaching and various information retrieval, analysis, and development tasks carried out in working life and projects. The studies are carried out as developmental and learning tasks that are related to the development challenges of working life. The studies emphasize learning methods that strengthen networking and group work skills.

Structure of the Studies

Joint studies (15 ECTS)

1. Supervision and management (5 ECTS)
2. Service Design (5 ECTS)
3. Diversity (5 ECTS)
4. Social communication and social marketing (5 ECTS)
5. Anticipating the future (5 ECTS)
6. Community Development (5 ECTS)

Advanced studies (15 ECTS)

Changing operating environments for cultural production:
• Productions and Events: Effectiveness, Networking, Sustainable Production, 5 ECTS
• Strategic Communication and Marketing, 5 ECTS
• Economics and Finance, 5 ECTS

Thesis Studies (30 ECTS)

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