Student Services

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Study Office Supports Students

The Study Office supports students by offering various services and counselling, registration procedures, social benefits and study grants.

Humak’s study office serves our students by e-mail at

Telephone service hours are Monday to Thursday from 1 pm – 3 pm.

On Fridays, the study office is closed.

Students can access information about their own study credits and study social benefits, as well as various certificates related to their studies from the study office.

Open University of Applied Sciences services:

Applicant Services: and tel. +358 29 451 9300. Telephone service hours are Monday to Thursday from 1 pm – 3 pm.

Study guidance supports the various stages of study

The aim of study guidance is to support student learning, study progress, professional development and well-being. Guidance is divided into learning and study guidance, career planning and professional growth guidance, as well as personal development guidance. Guidance is provided by Humak’s teaching staff.

Humak’s pedagogy is based on a coaching model in which students are divided into coaching teams and groups. Most of the guidance takes place in groups and some with the personal trainer in development discussions.

The teaching staff also has fixed reception hours, during which they are available for matters related to their studies.

Library and information services operate nationwide

Humak’s libraries operate in conjunction with campuses and RDI centres. They are part of teaching activities and support the use of communication technology in teaching and learning. All students receive instruction in information gathering skills.

Internationality is a part of everything we do

Humak students have many opportunities to internationalize. As many as 25% of our students complete part of their studies or internships abroad. International studies can also be completed by participating in international research and development projects at home or abroad. All of Humak’s fields of education are involved in international activities.

IT services bring online services to students

Humak’s information management provides the information and communication technology environment needed for study and teaching, which enables the network’s services to be available in all Humak’s locations and also outside the educational institution. Each campus has computer classes for students, and all students have access to the Peppi educational system and the Office 365 service. Information management provides IT support to users as needed.

Information management:

Peppi counselling:

Copies of certificates – service price list (already completed / completed)

You can verify your studies / degree from the Koski service at In Koski, you can make a shared link about the studies you want and forward it to the person you want, for example when applying for a job or a place to study.

Students who have completed their studies after 1 January 2017 are charged for copies of certificates or an extract from the student register (re-submission) in accordance with the following rates:

  • copy of diploma 30 €
  • transcript of records 20 €

Electronic form for requesting a certificate

Further information: