Humak as an Employer

Iloinen piirretty hahmo, jolla on monta kättä ja ne huitovat eri suuntiin.

Humak as an Employer

Humak is a university of applied sciences that aims to builds a more humane world. Our goal is to develop skills that can help develop a more egalitarian society by training professionals who have the courage to defend people, humanity and civil rights. In this way, we want to be involved in building prosperity and a sustainable world for both present and future generations. We are working to build a better world.

1700 Students, 140 Experts

Over 5,600 professionals have graduated from Humak during its time. We have 1,700 students and our offices are located in Helsinki, Kauniainen, Nurmijärvi, Turku, Jyväskylä and Kuopio.

Humak employs 140 experts. As a member of our staff, in addition to a unique work community and meaningful work, we offer you the opportunity to develop yourself and invest in good leadership. In addition to teaching, many members of the teaching staff work on various development projects.

Towards a More Equal Society

Each of Humak’s personnel is involved in doing meaningful work towards a more equal society. Come and create a more equal society by developing skills that connect people!