Education and business services for entrepreneurs and companies in creative industries

Creve - For Entrepreneurs in Creative Fields
Piirretty puunoksa, jonka päällä on neljä lintua: yksi iso ja kolme pientä.

Key Competence Area of Creative Fields Entrepreneurship

Humak’s second key competence area in the field of cultural management, alongside production and project expertise, is entrepreneurship and the creative economy.

  • This key competence area was created to support the use of creative competence in entrepreneurship and its many environments on various fields
  • The goal of this key competence area is to provide a service concept which produces entrepreneurship education and coaching that is heavily based on the principles of continuous learning. It also strengthens the entrepreneurship skills of individuals and businesses on the creative fields.

These services are based around our education in our focus area of cultural management, our diverse RDI-activities, and our entrepreneurship service Creve, which operates on the creative industries.


The video introduces Creve’s learning environment for creative industries.

Creative Industries Need More Diverse Knowledge and Production Skills

The key competence area of entrepreneurship and the creative economy aims to:

  1. strengthen entrepreneurial skills in the creative industries,
  2. the recognition of creative competence in entrepreneurship,
  3. increase the availability of appropriate business training services for those involved in the creative industries,
  4. enhance the efficiency of intermediaries and,
  5. improve access to finance through multidisciplinary means.

The key competence area works in close cooperation with businesses, business service providers, educational facilities, and other organisations in the industry.

The Product Family of Entrepreneurship and the Creative Economy

  • Our degree programme students (Cultural Manager (Bachelor’s) and Cultural Manager (Master’s) – both in Finnish) have access to an entrepreneurship path tool (in Finnish), which students can use to increase their entrepreneurship skills.
  • Educational modules and services targeted at entrepreneurs provided by Creve.
  • A working life -focused degree for entrepreneurs in the creative industries (Cultural Manager (Bachelor’s), online degree) is in the works.
  • With our RDI-activities in entrepreneurship-based development projects, we support entrepreneurship education and skills on the creative fields.
  • Internationally, both our key competence areas in cultural management produce coaching and development efforts in cooperation. The most recent example of this is our English-language master’s level COSM competence module, which focuses on sustainable cultural management. COSM was created to meet the future needs of an entrepreneur in the creative industries.

Strategic Partners and Central Networks

The key competence area of entrepreneurship and the creative economy is supported by a large network both nationally and internationally.

  • EU individuals and organisations in the creative industries,
  • national organisations and businesses,
  • development companies, cities, regional networks and cooperation on Humak’s local units,
  • educational institutions both in internationally and in Finland.