Education and business services for entrepreneurs and companies in creative industries

Creve - For Entrepreneurs in Creative Fields
Piirretty puunoksa, jonka päällä on neljä lintua: yksi iso ja kolme pientä.

Key Competence Area of Creative Fields Entrepreneurship

Humak’s second key competence area in the field of cultural management, alongside production and project expertise, is entrepreneurship in the creative industries. The goal of entrepreneurship in creative industries is to provide diverse educational and business services for students in arts and culture, creative entrepreneurship planning and operating creative companies.

The video introduces Creve’s learning environment for creative industries.

Creative Industries Need More Diverse Knowledge and Production Skills

Humak’s goal is to diversify the creative industries expertise and the identification of expertise. The development of creative industries is slowed down by the fragmentation of available business services. Nor do they provide a strong platform for multidisciplinary networking. There is a need for creative know-how in all industries, but its transfer and refinement has not been systematic.

Humak’s goals are to:

  1. strengthen entrepreneurial skills in the creative industries through education
  2. increase the availability of appropriate business training services for those involved in the creative industries
  3. enhance the efficiency of intermediaries
  4. improve access to finance and
  5. overcome barriers to growth based on demand

The goal of competence work is to create a nationwide service structure consisting of educational products and guidance services that utilizes new communication and training technologies. The structure works in cooperation with companies, business service providers, educational institutions and industry organizations. The new services and know-how will be built around Creve’s hub of creative industries.

The Product Family of Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries

An entrepreneurial approach helps graduate and postgraduate students to make changes in future working life. Creve helps with business planning, start-up, development, growth and internationalization. The strong RDI orientation at the forefront of entrepreneurship in the creative industries will improve students’ employment opportunities and ensure that education meets the future requirements of working life.

Humak supports the growth and entrepreneurship of the creative industries with the business development service concept. We are building a nationwide service network for the creative industries and digital advisory services for companies and actors in the field. The service network offers:

  1. tools for assessing entrepreneurship and business potential,
  2. entrepreneurship teacher training and business advisers for the creative fields
  3. networking entrepreneurs in the creative industries with companies in various industries to achieve new business

Diverse services in the creative industries will be developed in RDI projects, and the services will be used to build business where possible through paid training and counseling for entrepreneurs.

Humak cooperates with educational institutions and offers diverse training packages and products based on the principle of continuous learning, both nationally and internationally. A key future goal in our focus areas in cultural management is to create an English-language BA degree. This will also create new opportunities for the development of English-language in-service training packages for creative export-oriented fields, so that the key competences work together.

Strategic Partners and Central Networks

Humak’s cultural management network includes the entrepreneurial know-how of the creative industries with their extensive support network. This includes:

  • many international organizations,
  • EU actors in the creative industries,
  • national actors at ministerial level,
  • national organizations and actors,
  • development companies, provincial associations,
  • Arts Promotion Center as well
  • educational institutions both in international networks and in Finland.

Our Network of Partners in the Fields of Creative Industry

  • NY Nuori yrittäjyys,
  • TEM,
  • OKM,
  • AGMA,
  • Business Finland,
  • Team Finland,
  • Music Finland,
  • Design Forum Finland,
  • Ornamo,
  • Grafia,
  • Safa,
  • Design museo,
  • Taike,
  • Kaapeli,
  • AVEK,
  • Fiban,
  • ELY,
  • Finnvera,
  • Finnish Design Academy,
  • CI incubators & accelerators network ja
  • Various business organisations.

From a lifelong learning perspective, it is essential to provide training in the use of creative skills not only in the cultural fields but also in the fields of new partners to which creative skills add value.