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Building Competence

The core of Humak’s strategy is to build competence. This means strengthening the skills with which we can create social impact.

It is done through:

  • RDI activities
  • Developing the competence of our community
  • Strengthening the competence of individuals and our own staff, so that they can better benefit the building of competence within our community and thereby create social impact within our areas of expertise

Humak’s mission has not changed in decades. The focus areas that served as the basis for our founding still form the core of our operations. Their applicability to new operating environments has also expanded our scope. We are now a part of creating entirely new operating environments.

Focusing on new industries and new environments has strengthened and expanded our expertise and made our market area wider. We are no longer dependent on traditional industries.

We want to produce know-how together with others. We want to ally with partners who have the same interest in developing expertise. We want to be involved in various professional communities by bringing the so-called the missing piece needed to address various societal challenges.

Link to: https://www.humak.fi/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/humak-strategy-in-english.pdf

Strategy 2030 – Humak in a Changing World

We live in a time where new professions are emerging and ways of doing work are becoming more networked and entrepreneurial. We anticipate changes in working life by actively seeking answers to society’s needs.

Humans are at the center of this change. We strengthen inclusion, taking into account equality and digital civil rights. Internationalization, understanding of different cultures, and the ability to solve global problems are central to Humak’s present and future.

Humak provides its students with an education in which they develop into constructively critical professionals. As a workplace, we offer our staff a unique and meaningful job with development opportunities. For our partners we are a reliable partner for the development of competence and industries.

Humak’s Mission

Humak’s mission is to build a more humane world that meets the needs of the individual and communities, together with students, staff and partners.

We train professionals with the courage to defend people, humanity and civil rights. The expertise we produce increases community, accessibility and well-being, enabling a sustainable lifestyle for present and future generations.

Our Values

  • Sustainable renewal and bold innovation
  • Success together with our students and partners
  • We encourage and inspire