Humak Cares – A Campaign Improving Student Well-Being

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Humak Cares campaign was kicked off today at the opening ceremony of the academic year of Humak University of Applied Sciences. Humak is organizing this campaign during the upcoming academic year to support and improve student well-being.

-“During the academic year, known experts from different fields are shedding light on well-being. Well-being is examined through the perspectives of physical, psychological, social and economical well-being. The themes of the lectures are incredibly interesting and current” , says Humak’s director of education Päivi Marjanen.

Ministry Challenged Institutes of Higher Education to Support Student Well-being

The campaign was started when the Ministry of Education and Culture challenged the sector of higher education to think about concrete ways to improve student well-being. This was launched by a growing concern from students and student organizations towards student well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic. The cancellation of student events and challenges with distance learning have increased problems with mental health.

The previous Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko challenged institutes of higher education to work and promised aid for concrete actions on the matter. Humak has responded to this call for action by hiring a study psychologist in June to support students and by Humak Cares campaign which is launched today. Members of the student union HUMAKO have been strongly involved in the planning of the content of this campaign.

“HUMAKO has been crucial in us getting speakers who will interest our students”, Marjanen says gratefully.

Humak Cares Campaign Lecture Series Programme offered in English:

Lectures will be held in Finnish but subtitles in English will be available approximately two weeks after the lecture. Information will be announced in Teams when subtitles are available

  • 6.9.2021 The campaign’s Kick Off at the opening ceremony of Humak’s academic year
  • 4.10.2021, Supporting Your Studies – Time Management and Planning, Ilse Lammila, study psychologist, Humak
  • 15.11.2021, Study Skills – Improving your Study Abilities, Ilse Lammila, study psychologist, Humak
  • 14.3.2021, Stress and Recovery, Ilse Lammila, Humak
  • 4.4.2021, Self Compassion, Ilse Lammila, Humak

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