Meet the Speakers: Cultural Enterpreneurship and Sustainability Management – COSM 2

We have a great pleasure to present the eminent guests of the next COSM-course. COSM 2 “Cultural Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Management” is a MA level course that provides an international and cross-disciplinary perspective on sustainability values and practical dimensions of cultural managers’ work. The course is part of the Humak University of Applied Science’s Master of Cultural Manager curriculum.

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The domains of cultural producers’ activities discussed in the course are:

  • Festivals
  • Local communities-oriented productions and
  • Other independent entrepreneurial initiatives in rural and urban environments.

Register today in order to learn and discuss with the leading experts of the topic. The course in arranged as a hybrid course: follow the course online or visit Humak’s campus. The last day for the registration is on the 3rd October, 2022. The price of the registration is 75 euro. You can participate the courses anywhere in the world. The sessions are recorded and you do not have to participate to a live events (see the shcedule below the speakers’ presentations).

Louise Linden (Sweden)

Louise Linden a social entrepreneur and activist from Sweden, founder of the festival and change agency LiveGreen and CEO of Great Fkn Ideas. She is an innovator and opinion leader for sustainable transformation in the music and cultural industry.

She organize sustainable music festivals and concerts, educates cultural workers, entrepreneurs and leaders and coaches several big festivals such as Sweden Rock. Her work has been awarded by the King of Sweden.

In 2022 she is working with three projects:

Rebecca Finkel (UK)

Dr Rebecca Finkel from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland – Reader and School Research Lead in the School of Arts, Social Sciences & Management at QMU and Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy. Her main research interests frame critical event studies, with a focus on community cultural festivals, within conceptualisations of social justice, gender in/equality, and identity.

By utilising theory-driven approaches to generate interdisciplinary social science knowledge, her research addresses urgent societal issues. She is co-Editor of Routledge Critical Event Studies Research Book Series as well as Multispecies leisure: Human-animal interactions in leisure landscapes (2021, Routledge); Gendered violence at international festivals (2020, Routledge); Accessibility, inclusion, and diversity in critical event studies (2018, Routledge); Research themes in events (2014, CABI).

Kim-Marie Spence (UK/Jamaica)

Dr Kim-Marie Spence is a Lecturer in Arts Management and Cultural Policy at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland (UK). She specialises in cultural policy and cultural industries of Jamaica and South Korea, as part of a general interest in policy schematics of the Non-West.

Spence completed her PhD at the Australian National University; is a Rhodes Scholar and former Head of Creative Industries in Jamaica.

Sari Laine (Finland)

Sari Laine from SITRA in Helsinki, Finland is a Leading Specialist in Biodiversity and Everyday Life. Sari’s daily work is to figure out how people become inspired to make a change and how small actions become habits.

Laine works in the Sustainable everyday life team looking for agile ways to test new operating models through experimentations and strives to gain a better understanding of what it is that motivates us all to make our everyday life more sustainable. Sari has several years’ experience in human-centric design in the development of different activities.

The culture of experimentation, sustainable development and making a change at the grassroots level are currently her main interests. Previously, Sari has worked as a business management consultant and has been involved in developing working life by means of design thinking.

Laine has studied at Lappeenranta University of Technology and at the University of Cambridge.

Minna Hautio, Juha Iso-Aho and Marcin Poprawski (Humak University of Applied Sciences)


Humak UAS senior lecturers: Juha Iso-Aho, Minna Hautio and the host of the course Marcin Poprawski combine theory with practice, international experiences with local rooting, help to apply conclusions from research, inspiring meetings and readings to specific situations and decisions faced by people involved in the practice of cultural and creative activities and those who undertake decisions affecting the quality and accessibility of culture and arts.

The course is part of Humak University of Applied Sciences’s Masters of Cultural Manager -degree. You can attend to our course in all parts of the world and receive an university diploma of the fulfilled studies.  The schedule of the events:

COSM 2 schedule in the Autumn 2022

  • 13.10.2022 hybrid session: on the campus classroom in Helsinki (Humak UAS, Ilkantie 4) 13:00 – 17:00 EET (+ online broadcast, interactive session – recorded)
  • 25.10.2022 online session, 13:00 – 17:00 EET (interactive session – recorded)
  • 1.11.2022 online session, 13:00 – 17:00 EET (interactive session – recorded)
  • 15.11.2022 hybrid session: on the campus classroom in Helsinki (Humak UAS, Ilkantie 4) 13:00 – 17:00 EET (+ online broadcast, interactive session – recorded)

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