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Harmaa lintu, jonka suusta tulee pisteitä.

Open publication

Humak is committed to promoting open science and research in its operations. The principles of transparency are implemented in our publishing activities. The publications in the series will be stored in Theseus and Humak’s expert blogs will be published openly. Publications and books are also openly available on our website.

The professional and scientific publications of Humak’s staff will be stored in parallel in Theseus, subject to the publisher’s permission.

Humak recommends that students publish their theses in Theseus and informs the thesis sponsors about the benefits of openness.

Open RDI Activity

Humak strives to make its RDI activities as open as possible. The results of RDI activities are published in a transparent manner whenever it does not conflict with the terms of the funder, partners or publisher.

RDI projects use a material management plan that takes into account the collection, processing, storage, re-use and publication of materials, as well as ownership and usage rights. A material management plan can be made using the material management tool DMP Tuuli.