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Mustahiuksinen piirretty hahmo puhuu ja hänen suusta tulee valkomustapilkullinen puhekupla.

Check out Humak’s publications and expert blogs from the fields of our focus areas. The publications are a visible example of RDI work at the forefront of our expertise and are intended to share the experience gained in our research and development projects and other work with the general public. For several years, Humak has been the most active publisher in relation to the number of employees among universities of applied sciences.

The content of the publications is created mainly through projects where we work in close collaboration with our partners. The publications develop the know-how of our industries and produce new teaching materials for the needs of all educational organizations.

Publications Committee

In addition to the blogs featured on this page, blog posts are also published for some projects. They are published by the projects’ own publishing committee.

Blog Publications Committee: Hanna Kiuru, Lecturer (Chairman); Merja Kylmäkoski, head teacher; Arto Lindholm, head teacher; Riikka Tumelius, head teacher and Laura Päiviö-Häkämies, head teacher. Manuscripts of blog texts should be submitted to

Blog Writing Instructions

We also welcome writings from Humak’s partners. You can suggest texts or video blogs you have made to the Publications Committee by sending the material to under the heading “Proposal for a blog publication”.