Research Permit

A drawn figure looks through binoculars into the distance.

Research Permit

A research permit is required when the research is directed at students, staff or Humak as an organization. The research permit is applied for in writing.

Submit the signed research permit form to with the title Research permit: name of the study. The research permit is issued by Education Director Timo Parkkola.

The research permit allows you to approach Humak students and/or staff in matters related to the research. The research permit does not replace the subject’s consent to participate in the research. If the research collects information directly from individuals, for example through a survey, interview or other means, the decision to participate in the survey will be made by each individual.

The condition for granting a research permit and disclosing data/material is that the author of the research/study undertakes to take care of the processing of the data, taking into account the legislation on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy.

The author of the research/study is obliged to use the data/material confidentially and only for the purpose of conducting this research/study and to protect the intimacy and anonymity of the persons involved.

If a personal data file in accordance with the Personal Data Act is created in the research, a description of the file (HetiL (523/99) 10§ and 14§) must be attached. If necessary, the application must also include an ethical review as an attachment.