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Order Workplace Development Projects From Our Students

Humak’s theses are projects that develop organisations in our focus areas. Many of the theses have been commissioned as assignments for our working life partners. You can leave assignments in our jobs service free of charge.

You can find the latest theses at the bottom of this page. In this way, we want to give our appreciation to the work that our students have done in cooperation with their working partners.

You can find previously published public theses in the Theseus repository.

Bachelor’s Degree Theses (15 ECTS)

The thesis is a research development task in nature and its scope is 15 ECTS. This equates to about 400 hours of work to support the development of your organization.

The aim of a thesis is to develop and apply the necessary knowledge and skills in our fields and thereby create skills for independent and demanding expert work and expert communication.

The thesis is mainly done as individual work, but it is also possible to do it as a pair or as group work. Theses are connected to Humak’s own profile of research and development activities.

Master’s Degree Theses (20 ECTS)

A master’s thesis is a thesis that mirrors development skills and summarizes the knowledge and skills learned. Usually the student develops the activities of their own organization as part of their studies. In this way, master’s level studies develop both the student’s professional development but also the employer’s development needs.

The thesis (20 ECTS) is a research development task, which emphasizes the development of the industry’s working life communities, regional development and readiness for independent and demanding expert work.

The thesis is based on knowledge acquired during studies included in the master’s degree and individual working life experience, and it is mainly done as individual work.