Beetles Life

Beetles LIFE project aims to improve the forest habitats and level of protection for eight endangered insect species. Helping these species also helps hundreds of other forest species and protects all-important biodiversity. Nearly half of all our species are insects – they are crucial in maintaining the food chain and the functioning of the ecosystem.

The eight insect species are cucujus cinnaberinus, pytho kolwensis, boros schneideri, phryganophilus ruficollis, stephanopachys linearis, stephanopachys substriatus, xyletinus tremulicola and aradus angularis. They are all indicator species, who indicate the state of nature in forests and also show the need and effects of nature conservation.

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Project Manager: Antti Pelttari
Phone: +358400349215
Duration: 1.8.2018–31.7.2023.
Partners: Metsähallitus, University of Helsinki and ELY-Centre of Häme
Funder: EU:n LIFE Nature -programme
Budget: (all/Humak): 2,69 milj.€ / Humak
Focus Areas: